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Xantrex C40 Solar Charge Controller 40A, 12/24/48V

Written April 07, 2010


Ive had my Xantrex C40 Charge Controller for about 4 years now. I am loading it with about 12A input on good days (into 2 batteries that have been sitting inactive for quite awhile)...so it has definitely had an easy life. Now at 4 years it will NOT work anymore. I have noticed about 5 areas where corrosion has built up on small areas of the board. Junk now.....I had it mounted horizontal inside the house. I am getting another today (only because I cant see throwing an OPTIONAL $80+ LCD display unit away)So Ive found these C40s online now for $119 plus $10 shipping.....wont sting so bad this time :) I WILL be mounting this one VERTICAL and inside another housing WITH silicon dessicant or similar moisture removal system!! J.U.N.K otherwise!! Beware.......................

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