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Xantrex C-12 controller by Stuart Hartstein
Date Added: February 22, 2009
I,ve ordered several times now from my sales representative, Amy and got a very pleasant attitude and great pricing from her too! The Xantrex C-12 controller had tested and works just fine for my client's application. I have a very happy customer, thanks to Amy. Keep up the good work at the AltE Store folks! You sure make me look good to my clients!!!
Yours truly,
Stuart Hartstein
New York Sign & Signal
Staten Island, N.Y.
RV battery charging by Robert Taylor
Date Added: April 30, 2009
I have this unit wired to 45 watts of solar panels. I use this system to keep six deep cycle batteries charged on 2 RVs that get used every 4-6 weeks. Every time I have used the RV the batteries were about 12.8 volts. During a weekend usage I rarely have to start a generator unless I need the A/C or microwave. Whatever I use during the night (heater blower or a cooling fan) the panel recharge thoughout the day. I put a similar system on a friends RV and his batteries are usually 14 volts. Great to have confidence that when you get to the camp youll have fully chargerd batteries. Maintenance free at that!!
Date Added: May 12, 2012
When I first recieved this controller, I wanted to wire it up to run some outdoor lighting at night. I already had a Xantrex C35 charging my battery bank with a 100 watt panel. This controller would have a smaller 15 watt panel connected to it. Wiring the C12 was a pain. The small holes youre supposed to put the wires into are rediculous. The battery + and - are right next to each other, and I was worried for a while they would short. It took about 2 days of trial and error to finally get it to work properly (Even though I had read the instructions on the controller case). The included instructions are pretty much useless and was more of a brocher than any sort of help. Now that its working, I can admit it works quite well. It is in sync with my C35 controller, and automatically turns on the lights when its maybe 30 minutes to complete darkness. In the morning, by the time the sun crests over the horizon, the lights turn off. Overall a good controller, but plenty of room for improvement. I thought this one would be fabulous after the perfect success of my C35, but this one doesnt live up to that. Unless you have EXTREMELY nimble fingers and patience, I would reccommend the MorningStar Sunlight. Bottom line, works like a charm, but takes quite a bit of work to get it working properly.
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