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Air-X Wind Electric Turbines

Air-X Wind Electric Turbines

What's the difference between the Air X and the Air Breeze? We are asked that question a lot. Air series turbines are excellent choices for boaters and renewable energy hobbyists. In sustained winds above 10 mph, these turbines can produce enough electricity to run a few compact fluorescent light bulbs or small appliances for several hours. Typical production in 10-12 mph winds is about 20-30 kilowatt hours per month. They will not run your entire household energy load. The Air Breeze was introduced in 2007 as the next generation of the Air X turbine. Both the Air Breeze and the Air X come in 12 or 24 volts DC; are available in marine or land versions; and have a 3 year warranty. The Air X has a 48 VDC model as well. The quieter Air Breeze features newly designed blades and higher efficiencies at lower wind speeds. The manufacturer will continue to produce the Air X for the foreseeable future, however, because of the increased efficiency at lower wind speeds and better blade design, the Air Breeze should be a superior model for most small wind applications.

We recommend overcurrent protection for your turbine. Something like the Baby Box from Midnite Solar and the appropriate sized din rail breaker serve to protect the turbine from too much current. Additionally, the Primus Windpower 2-ARAC-101 Stop Switch Kit for Air X & Air Marine Wind Turbines allows you to disconnect the turbine at any time, and take it down for servicing.

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