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Trojan batteries are on industry-wide backorder. Trojan's stated lead time is 4-5 months, but we are finding it to be even longer in many cases. As a result, we are not taking online orders for Trojan products at this time.

Please considerthe following alternatives to Trojan flooded lead acid batteries:

Or call us at 877-878-4060 to discuss additional battery options!

Trojan Battery Company—founded in the Golden State (California USA) in 1925—makes deep cycle batteries for a variety of applications from industrial to solar to electric vehicle. Their RE line, short for "Renewable Energy," is specifically designed for renewable energy and solar power systems. Trojan produces a range of deep cycle batteries for renewable energy systems including flooded lead acid, AGM and deep cycle gel.

Also be sure to watch our video interview with Trojan Battery, where they tell us about their company, their line of deep cycle batteries along with some great Battery Maintenance tips!

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Trojan Battery Smart Carbon

Learn about Trojan Batteries Smart Carbon feature that's standard on their RE and Industrial lines of deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries. The addition of Smart Carbon to the negative plates of the deep cycle batteries boosts the conductivity of the plates. This allows the battery cells to charge faster and handle a partial-state-of-charge (PSoC) better—and best of all it can increase the battery life 15%!

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