“When I needed help sizing solar panels for a fence energizer, AltE contacted the manufacturer and got everything right. It's been right ever since. While other vendors I spoke to had a take it or leave it attitude, AltE pushed through and went the extra mile to help. If they keep it up, they will have a customer for life.”
Mike - Denver, CO
John - Indonesia
“Good experience, product shipped on time.”
Richard - Tucson, AZ
“The BEST!!!”
John - Clinton Corners, NY
“Responsive and Knowledgeable.”
Neil - Dublin, NH
“Very Good. Greg has always been great.”
Robert - Virgin Islands, U.S.
“Bramley at tech support great. Sonya Frade at customer service great. Overall experience with AltE was great. Doing great work and I am completely satisfied. Will use again. ”
John - Shady Shores, TX
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