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Solar In Alaska! by Richard Sykes
Date Added: December 27, 2006
I purchased and used the Global Solar Sunlinq 25 Watt folding solar panel on a fishing trip to Alaska. We used it to charge cell phones, video batteries, and satellite phone while staying in a remote cabin 20 miles from the nearest utilities. I love the wilderness, but also like the ability to keep in touch that such technology provides.
Date Added: May 26, 2009
I use a Sunlinq Portable Power Pack coupled with the 7 amp charge controller and feed into a Xantrex 1500 backup power system. This setup allows me to operate my amateur radios from remote locations easily and effectively. I put this kit into service last year, and it still performs well. I am adding an additional Power Pack this summer to give my system even more charge capability. Well built components. I highly endorse it for amateur radio use.
Date Added: November 25, 2007
I've had some opportunity to try out the new Sunlinq 25W 12v Portable Power Pack. With initial testing it appears to perform very well for my purposes.

This 25W Sunlinq was acquired to work in conjunction with a Xantrex 600HD Inverter with 35Ah AGM "scooter batteries" as supplemental storage.

Our region experiences two or three ice storms per Winter and these can knock out the electrical utility, sometimes for several days at a time. I didn't like the idea of extended use of a gasoline or natural gas fired genset behind the house. By limiting the electrical demand budget during the power outage to minimal CFL lighting and turning a 30W blower motor on a wood-fired fireplace insert we can get by very well. To obtain adequate service time from the portable Xantrex Inverter, we attach one of the 35Ah AGM batteries to the jumper cable attachment on the Xantrex and can obtain almost eight hours operating time on the blower motor. Rotating a freshly charged battery from a full day on the Sunlinq gives me back about four more hours. It isn't much, but it will provide the excess air needed for the fireplace insert; enough to keep from smoking out the neighborhood and keeping the house reasonably comfortable in an ice storm power outage.

With less than $20 in 3/4inch schedule 40 PVC, Tee, and Right angle slip fittings, four threaded machine bolts and wing nuts, I've fashioned a collapsible armature that holds the Sunlinq 25W array, spread out and at the proper latitude adjusted angle. The slip fittings are tight enough to not require gluing and the whole setup can be taken down and stored in a nylon bag that once held a folding camp chair. It assembles fairly fast, and can easily be moved around in the yard to optimize alignment with the sun.

To keep the batteries "exercised" I run a small apartment stereo on the Inverter and recharge on weekends.
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