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Kathleen G. Lupole

Sundanzer 8CF Battery-Powered Refrigerator

Written June 06, 2017

I Love My Sundanzer Refrigerator!

We lived for a few years with a propane Servel refrigerator and it worked good, but decided to save our money by not buying propane, so we could save up for the Sundanzer refrigerator. We lived for six years with no refrigeration and believe me, it is not as easy as it sounds. In 2013 we purchased our Sundanzer 8 cubic feet refrigerator. It works great and since it is in my unheated pantry, it doesn't turn on all winter. When the sun is strong, we have free power. I find it easy to use and it holds a huge amount of food. I love it and appreciate the fact that I can have a modern convenience such as the Sundanzer in my off the grid home. It uses less power than my energy efficient laptop!

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