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concern by Gbaewoh Conteh
Date Added: October 26, 2015
Hi sundanzer i bought a 5.8CF refrigerator a couple of ago.At first it was working very well but now it does not working properly at all.And i have contacted the shop where get it from.My concern the shop do not have any technician to fix it up.please give me some technical data so that i can get it running back. what type of gas to be use and the quantity or amount of gas to regas my refrigerator ones again.Thanks
I am very disapointed! by Anita Kelman
Date Added: January 07, 2013
I bought both a Sundanzer fridge and freezer for my off-grid home. The freezer has been fine but the fridge failed shortly after it was out of warranty. When I called Sundanzer for assistance they knew what the problem was- tiny holes in the freon lines. But they wont cover it or stand behind their product.

I called an appliance repair person but they said I would be wasting my money as it would not be fixable- the holes are tiny and can be inside the insulation and not reachable.

So it appears to be a random thing as to whether you will get one with bad freon lines or not- I havent treated the freezer any differently but its fine. This is way too expensive a product to have it be a throw-away item. I wont buy one again!
Date Added: December 30, 2013
i read the review of the disappointed customer of the Sundanzer freezer and i believe in them when spending BIG bucks on a large ticket item and the company gives you the run around,...watch out ...RUN for the hills and look elsewhere bad customer service is everywhere now days. we live in the USA but the customer service is like that of Tijuana Mexico. just too bad,... senorita!rnNO way! Run!
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