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Stiebel Eltron Accelera 220E 58G Heat Pump Water Heater

Written September 24, 2020

Absolutely amazing!

We installed the Accelera 220E in July 2020. Was a bit worried about the estimated recovery times going from a traditional electric resistance hot water heater to this, because we could not fit the 300E into our basement in New England. Following the install guide to the letter for components was a DIY project was a bit to learn, but well worth it. Having the thermostatic mixing valve combined with setting the tank to 140 degrees has given us roughly 89 gallons of usable water @ 104 degrees at the tap when mixed with 59 degree water (according to the panel on the unit). We have had 3 people take showers back to back without an issue AFTER running the dishwasher. I can also take a hot tub level hot shower for 15 minutes without having to keep turning the handle, it just STAYS hot. Such an improvement over what I have experienced before. The de-humidification of our basement is noticeable. If it were more than my wife and I and we used more hot water it would probably eliminate any need for a separate dehumidifier, but now I only have to run it once a week for a couple of hours to help out versus leaving it on all the time. The crew at Steibel Eltron in Hadley, MA were awesome as was the crew at ALt-E in answering questions. I can NOT recommend this unit enough.

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