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Steca/SunEarth Differential Temperature Controller - SENSORS NOT INCLUDEDWrite a review

Can I upgrade my pump? by Gary Bezecny
Date Added: June 21, 2009
I am happy with the product, but have a question on whether it can be upgraded to a two-pump controller. Is it possible to add another probe to create a T-3 (to switch on another pump with the same unit)?
Thank you, Gary Bezecny
Watch the distance! by Ken Jordan
Date Added: July 18, 2010
I had a solar hot water system installed, and it came with one of these controllers. The controller runs the pump for thirty seconds every half hour to see if its worth running the water through the solar collectors or not. However, the installers put the collectors so far away from the tank that thirty seconds isnt enough to get the water from the tank, up to the collectors and back again. So, the system always decides its not warm enough, and so never runs, and so doesnt save any electricity.

The thirty seconds is not adjustable on this product, so I have to find another controller that will allow me to adjust the timing.
Date Added: December 29, 2016
I have had a Steca TR A0502 for 5 years now. Still am unable to get it to work correctly. The manual is impossible to comprehend.
Looking for a new controller.
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