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SolarWorld: 40+ Years of History

In October 2018, SunPower completed their purchase of SolarWorld USA and dissolved the SolarWorld name and line of solar panels. More information here.

With 40 years plus of history SolarWorld is one of the largest producers of solar panels in the U.S. With its American headquarters located in Hillsboro, Oregon it chugs out 100's of solar panels an hour at both its Oregon and California manufacturing facilities. As of 2015, they employ more than 1,300 people in the United States alone. Internationally, SolarWorld produces solar panels in Germany as well.

Solar Panel Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Every few months SolarWorld innovates more and more efficient solar panels, at higher and higher wattages. They produce both monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules. Their solar panels are available with sturdy silver frames or all black frames with black backing behind the solar cells to blend in nicely on your roof.

SolarWorld's Sunmodule Plus Solar Panels

SolarWorld's Sunmodule Plus solar panels are made with ever improving power density. They come standard with a 25-Year linear power performance guarantee. And even after the first twenty five years the solar modules will keep producing solar power for decades. Their solar panels are vigorously tested to ensure very low failure rates (<0.0086%), with no product recalls to date in the last 40 years.

altE and SolarWorld

altE is a proud distributor of SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels, inventorying a wide variety of their modules for both our Do-It-Yourselfer's installing off-grid solar systems and our professional solar panel system installers across the nation, Canada and Latin America at special wholesale pricing. Check out our offering of SolarWorld modules clicking on the links below, or better yet, give our solar power experts a call and they can help you design a solar power system and provide you with a competitive quote complete with everything you need to generate your own green power.

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