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SolarEdge is a global manufacturer of high quality, reliable renewable energy system components for residential, commercial and utility scale applications. SolarEdge manufactures a wide range of products—including inverters, storage solutions, power optimizers and cloud-based monitoring platforms—that are installed in over 120 counties. SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and continues to show sustained ongoing growth and innovation, so consumers can install SolarEdge products with confidence they will continue to be a leader in the solar and renewable energy industry.

Click below to learn about the wide range of SolarEdge products. Still have questions? Give an altE solar and renewable energy specialist a call today at 877-878-4060.

Learn More About SolarEdge

altE stocks a wide variety of the latest SolarEdge products at their warehouse facilities. All SolarEdge products are available for purchase online or via phone. Available products include a huge selection of grid-tie inverters and the SolarEdge StorEdge system (essentially a DC coupled system for use with battery storage). altE also offers a wide array of smaller—but equally important—SolarEdge products including multiple sizes of optimizers, electricity meters, range extenders and Gateway kits.

Watch our SolarEdge videos below on their transformerless grid-tie inverter and grid tie battery backup hybrid solar inverter.

SolarEdge StorEdge

The StorEdge line of products is designed for homeowners who want a grid-tied solar energy power system and want a battery backup solution for when grid energy production is interrupted. Check out the video and learn how you can become energy independent and take full advantage of energy self-consumption.

SolarEdge Inverter, Rapid Shutdown and DC Optimizer

Amy unboxes the SolarEdge 6,000 kW grid-tie inverter with a NEC 2014 compliant rapid shutdown box and DC optimizers. Learn how DC optimizers work and how you can use SolarEdge’s remote monitoring technology to keep an eye on your solar power system. Enjoy!

More About SolarEdge

SolarEdge delivered their first system in 2008, two years after they were founded. The company headquarters is located in Fremont, CA, on the east side California's San Francisco Bay Area—very close to the heart of Silicon Valley. The company is listed on the NASDAQ index (SEDG) with their initial public offering coming in 2015. SolarEdge is a longstanding manufacturer of solar and renewable energy products with a proven track record of innovation and quality.

SolarEdge is a Global Leader in Smart Energy Technology

Buying solar power equipment from a bankable manufacturer is something that is important for renewable energy consumers. SolarEdge is a fiscally viable company and stands by the quality of their products. They offer a 12 year inverter warranty, extendable up to 20 or 25 years, and a 25 year optimizer warranty. This means that in the unlikely chance there are issues with SolarEdge equipment, they will more than likely be there to support customers.

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