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Dankoff 2920 Standard Speed Booster Pump, 24V

Dankoff 2920 Standard Speed Booster Pump, 24V
Dankoff 2920 Standard Speed Booster Pump, 24V
Item code Brand name Model number
DAKFL-2920-24 Dankoff Solar Pumps Booster Pump 2920-24

These pumps are not for use in PV-direct applications. You must either use a battery or AC power to power the pump.**As well, the images show the whole system together. The price above is for the pump only. See addons below for the Install Kit, Filter Assembly etc - all sold separately.

Dankoff SolarDankoff Solar
Flowlight Booster Pump

Use DC or AC power to pressurize water. Provides 3-4.5 Gallons per Minute (10-17 lpm) at pressure as high as 65 PSI (4.5 kg/sq. cm) from shallow water sources.

  • Dankoff Flowlight  Booster Pump The Flowlight Booster Pump provides city water pressure, anywhere. It has been a standard in home renewable energy systems since 1986. It is economical for domestic water supply, drip irrigation, and water purification.
  • A booster pump is far more cost effective than an elevated tank, providing pressure equivalent to over 100 feet (30m) of elevation.
  • This DC pump uses one third to one half the energy of a conventional AC pump, and eliminates the high starting surges that push inverters to the limit.
  • It is more powerful, quieter, and much more durable than plastic RV/Marine pumps.
  • Wearing parts are replaceable, and typically last 5 to 10 years. Overall life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.
  • Its complete instruction manual and Easy Installation Kit make this pump simple for anyone to install and service, with no previous experience

"Over the last five years, we've found our Flowlight pump to perform impressively. If installed properly and filtered, they are very faithful pumps." --- J.T., Nemia Valley, British Columbia, Canada

"Our (Flowlight Booster Pump) has had 2 1/2 years of daily use. I have no complaints at all. It works really fine." --- G.O., Willow, Alaska

"It's a delight to be weaned from the generator." ---C.H., Coulterville, California


Standard Model 2920-V
Low Speed Model 2910-V *
Pressure - PSI
(kg/sq cm)
30 (2.1)
40 (2.8)
50 (3.5)
65 (4.6)
30 (2.1)
40 (2.8)
50 (3.5)
65 (4.6)
Flow Rate -
G PM (lpm)
4.5 (17)
4.3 (17)
4.3 (16)
4.1 (15)
3.4 (13)
3.3 (12)
3.1 (12)
2.7 (10)
Current Draw - AMPS 12V
AV and 48V not available
Per Gallon (per ltr) Pumped
0.6 ((0.16)
0.67 (0.18)
0.75 (0.3)
1.1 (0.3)
0.6 (0.16)
0.67 (0.18)
1.1 (0.3)


* Suction Lift: Low Speed Model 20 vertical feet (6 m); Standard Model 10 Feet (3 m) at sea level -- subtract 1 ft. for every 1000 ft. altitude (1 m for every 1000 m)

Note: Suction capacity may be further limited by intake pipe friction. Excessive suction causes cavitation (vapor bubbles) creating noise and
excessive wear. Intake piping should be 1 inch or larger. Pump should be mounted as close to the water source as possible.

Choice of Capacity

* Standard Model for highest flow
* Low Speed Model (DC only) is best if:

- Suction lift greater is than 10 feet
- Intake pipe is smaller than 1-inch size
- Extra-quiet operation is desired

Choice of Voltage

* 12 or 24 Volt DC, others (inquire)
* 115 Volt AC (low surge PM motor minimizes inverter and wire size)


* Rotary vane pump mechanism (pulsation-free)
* Solid forged brass pump body with carbon-graphite and stainless steel working parts
* NSF® approved for drinking water
* Handles sea water and dissolved minerals
* Survives most freezes
* Permanent magnet, ball bearing DC motor, thermally protected
* Clear flexible hoses and pressure relief valve included

Additional Needs

* Battery-based power system (12V or 24V) or AC (minimum 300 watt inverter)
* Pressure Tank, captive air type. Minimum size: 40 gallon (150 l). Larger is better, to reduce cycling and increase reserve capacity.
Available locally.
* Foot valve (if pump is placed higher than water source)

Filtration Requirement

* The Flowlight Booster Pump CANNOT tolerate dirt. Water must be filtered <10 microns.

Accessories (**These are NOT included -please see Add-ons below or your Sales Rep)

* Intake Strainer/Foot Valve with fine monel metal screen, stops course debris
* Inline cartridge holder (10-inch) uses standard drinking water cartridges
* 10" filter cartridges (2 pack ) for above cartridge holder.
* Intake Filter/Foot Valve (30-inch) replaces Intake Strainer and Inline Filter (10 micron) with a single unit, best for lowering into a shallow well
* Spare 30" Filter Cartridges (5 or 10 micron spun fiber)
* Easy Installation Kit includes: Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, Check , Drain & Shut-Off Valves, & Tank Tee (manifold)
* Dry Run Switch prevents battery drain and pump damage if water source
runs dry

* Pump may be mounted horizontally or vertically.
* Pump must not be submerged
* It may be placed inside a 6-inch (120 cm) or larger well casing, suspended by a rope. If casing is smaller than 10 inches, request "adapting elbows" instead of flex hoses


* Length 16.5 in (42 cm)
* Weight 15 lb (7 kg)
* Flexible hose ends have 3/4-in. male pipe thread


* 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship. Use of pump without 10 micron or less filter will void warranty.


Surface Pumps Comparison
Surface pumps for lifting and/or pressurizing water / 1 PSI = 2.307 ft. of
Surface Pumps Min Lift (ft) Max Lift (ft) Min Lift (PSI) Max Lift (PSI) Min GPM Max GPM Pump Type Dirt Tolerant Filtration Required Dry-run Tolerant
Solar Slowpumps 15xxx*
0 440 0 191 0.4 4 rotary vane N 10 mic N
Solar Slowpumps 14xx and 26xx
160 440 69 191 1 4 rotary vane N 10 mic N
Flowlight Booster Pumps 16xxx**
69 150 30 65 3 4 rotary vane N 10 mic N
SunCentric Pumps 7xxx
0 90 0 39 5 70 centrifugal high N Y
SolarForce PistonPumps 30xx
0 220 0 95 4 9 piston medium N Y
Solaram Pumps 8xxx
0 960 0 416 3 9 diaphragm medium N Y


*formerly 13xx and 25xx

**formerly 29xx


Dankoff Solar

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