SunRotor SR-12 Submersible Pump with M200T Controller

SunRotor SR-12 Submersible Pump with M200T Controller
SunRotor SR-12 Submersible Pump with M200T Controller
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DAKSR-12M200T SunRotor SR-12 Pump with M200T

SunRotor Solar Products
SR-12 Helical Rotor Submersible Solar Pump
with SRC-M200T Controller

The new SunRotor Helical Rotor Submersible Solar Pumps allows for maximum functional lift capability of up to 425 feet. Powered by solar, battery, or a combination of the two, maximum flow at 100 feet can be up to 15.1 gallons/minute. The submersible motor is protected from ambient water by an oil-filled jacket (utilizing food-grade oil that protects the potable water source if vessel is compromised). These submersible water pumps offer a broad range of pumping capabilities with greater water pumping depths and higher volumes of water. These pumps must be used with the SunRotor Controller, in order to avoid pump failure, and void the pump warranty. 5 Year Warranty in US, 2 Year Warranty outside the US.

Kit Includes: Pump, Controller, Low Water Sensor, Check Valve Assembly, and Wire Splice Kit.


  • Livestock watering
  • Water for remote areas
  • Irrigation

  • Nominal 110 volt operation
  • Usable voltage range 48-110 volts
  • Power range 570 watts to 1740 watts
  • Powered by solar, battery or a combination of the two
  • Maximum functional lift capability of 425 ft (130 m)
  • Max flow at 100 ft (30 m) is 15.1 gallons/min (57.2 liters/ min) with 793 watts and 141.6 volts PV input
  • Highly reliable, single moving part progressive cavity technology
  • Readily repairable in the field
  • 1 inch FNPT output
  • Designed for submersible operation up to 100 ft (submersion limit of 100 ft below static water level - ie. 100 ft submersion + 50 ft static water level = 150ft)
  • 4" diameter (102 mm) fits 4.5" (114 mm) casing; 22" in height (55.9 cm)
  • Light weight - 23 pounds (10.4 kg)
  • Submersible motor protected from ambient water by oil filled jacket (food grade oil protects potable water source if vessel is compromised)
  • Brushless DC motor technology avoids conventional DC brush maintenance and replacement
  • All electronics are mounted above ground for longer life and easy access
  • Entire pump body is stainless steel to comply with all local code and pump installation requirements
  • CE Certified and ISO 9001

  • State of the art controller electronics contained in NEMA standard (weatherproof) conduit connection box
  • Clear cover allows visible inspection of connections and of LED status lights
  • MPPT and current booster technology incorporated - converting excess voltage into amperage
  • Wide operational range with max input voltage tolerance of 200 volts (DC)
  • Battery or solar capabilities with low voltage cutoff for battery protection
  • Wired for low water cutoff and for tank-full float cutoff switches
  • Fully adjustable speed control is easily accessed through a hinged, snap hasp cover
  • Variable timer control on low-water circuit
  • Housed in a highly durable metal box with cooling fins cast in the back
  • Designed to be attached to same mounting pole as solar panels - minimizing lengths and gauge sizes of wiring harness to connect solar panels to controller

  • 1 - PV Panel Array
  • 2 - Solar Module Rack
  • 3 - Water Pipe
  • 4 - Well Seal Assembly
  • 5 - Low Water Sensor (not included - need to purchase separately)
  • 6 - Submersible Pump
  • 7 - Conduit & Wiring Harness from Controller to Well Seal
  • 8 - Wiring Harness from Controller to Solar Modules
  • 9 - DC Input Controller
  • 10 - Tank Full Tethered Float Switch and Weight
  • 11 - Anti-freeze Bleeder Valve
  • 12 - Check Valve

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