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Sun Pumps Sunpump Quad Sand Shroud

Sun Pumps Sunpump Quad Sand Shroud
Sun Pumps Sunpump Quad Sand Shroud
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6 1/4" Sand Shrouds For SDS-Q Series Pumps
(Requires a 7" Minimun Well Diameter)

A sand shoroud is a device that is installed over a submersible pump to protect it from sand damage. It is simply a piece of PVC pipe and a PVC cap machined to fit tight around the drop pipe, drop wire and safety rope.

It works by dropping out heavy sand particles before they can be introduced into the pump. If the pump is installed below the well perforations, any sand pulled in with the water will drift down over the top of the pump and will also be pulled into the pump. Sand will damage any submerisble pump especially a diaphragm type pump like the SDS series.

The shroud seals the top of the pump and extends below the pump so the sand is reflected off the top and down past the bottom of the shroud. Then because of the low up-hole velociy of the water in the large diameter pipe the sand will settle out. It is a simple but effective device that is a must for any well with sand problems.

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