RV Solar Panel 300 Watt Kit

RV Solar Panel 300 Watt Kit
RV Solar Panel 300 Watt Kit
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RV 300 Watt Solar Panel Kit

RV Solar Panel 300 Watt Kit

Looking for solar panels for your RV? We have an RV Solar Kit to get you started. Sometimes your vacation may take you on the road less traveled. Then, you may not have access to electricity when you park your home away from home. While you are driving, you can have the alternator charging up your mobile home batteries. However, once you find that perfect spot, you'll want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. So adding a few solar panels to your RV may be the answer you've been looking for! This is a good starter kit, but be sure to read our BLOG. In the blog, we'll show you how to properly size a solar power system for your RV or camper.

Powering your RV is like powering your home or cabin. You first need to decide how much power you need, based on the available sun in your area. Our Off Grid Calculator is the best place to start. If you are permanently mounting the solar panel for RV use, you'll need to see how much space is available. There may be obstacles such as vents, antenna, AC unit, etc already up there. The best option for you may be multiple small panels that can fit around the other items already up there.

In this kit, we are using the altE 150 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panels - ideal for RV applications. These panels can easily be attached to the roof with RV Mounting Feet. There are some mounts that are available that will allow you to tilt a small panel. This may be more effort than it's worth to climb up onto the roof and set the angle each time you park. As well, RV season usually isn't during the winter months, so you'll have the high summer sun. And you won't have the issue of snow accumulation on flat panels.

The Blue Sky Solar Boost 1524iX MPPT Solar Charge Controller is made for RV use. It has the added feature of providing a 2 amp auxiliary charge to a second battery, like the starting battery.

So if you don't have any AC appliances you are plugging in, then you don't need an inverter. But, if you do need to convert the DC from the batteries into AC for your appliances, you do. You'll also need a charger if you plan to charge your battery bank with AC power. This can be done when you are at a campground and have shore power available, or with a generator. Fortunately, you can get one piece of equipment to do both, an inverter/charger. Please see our add-ons below for suggestions.

RV Solar Panel 300 Watt Kit:
Part Number Item Description Quantity
ALTS-150W-12P altE 150 Watt Solar Panel 2
GENUSE2RHW2-1FT USE-2 Wire by the Foot 10AWG 1 Conductor 30
SUWUNIRVMTGFEET RV Mounting Feet, Flush Mount Kit 2
BLSSB1524iX Blue Sky Solar Boost 1524iX MPPT Charge Controller 1

This item is a package made up of the following components. Please call to speak to a sales representative to learn about other options which may be available.

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