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Off-Grid 450W Cabin Solar Power System - Base Kit

Off-Grid 450W Cabin Solar Power System - Base Kit
Off-Grid 450W Cabin Solar Power System - Base Kit
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Mounting Options
Item code Brand name Model number
KITCABINBASE450 AltE Off Grid Cabin 450W


See our video on how to use our Off Grid Solar Calculator:

450W Off Grid Cabin
Solar Power System

This 450 Watt Cabin Kit includes 3 150 Watt solar panels. If you need help sizing a system for your off grid cabin, check out our Off Grid System Calculator, to see if this kit is the right size for your needs.

How much power will I get from this 450 Watt Cabin Kit, on average, each month? Find where you live on this Sun Hours Map:

Cabin Kit 450W Insolation Map

Base Components of this Cabin Kit:

We've included the solar panel(s), inverter, and solar charge controller this Cabin Kit. Battery Bank and Mounting options are below.

450 Watt Cabin Kit Includes:
Part Number Item Description Quantity
RCH150RS-M150 150 Watt Solar Panel 3
PVCMC4-MF-15FT MC4 Connector Cables, 15ft 1
GENSR-2HOLES-LN 1/2" Strain Relief, 2 Round Holes/Locknut 1
GENSR-1HOLE-LN 1/2" Strain Relief, 1 Round Holes/Locknut 1
MIDMNPV3 Midnite Solar MNPV3 Combiner Box 1
GENBRKDIN-15 15 Amp Din Rail Mount Breaker 1
MIDKID30AMPPT Midnite Solar KID 30A MPPT Charge Controller 1
MIDMNSPD-115 Solar Surge Protection Device - 115V DC 1
MIDMNDCSERIESC Midnite MNDC Series C Aluminum Enclosure 1
SAMPST-1000-24 Samlex PST 24V 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1
GENSHNT500/50 500A 50mV Shunt 1
MIDMNEDC-80 80A 150 VDC Panel Mount Breaker 1
GENBRKDIN-30 30A DC Din Rail Mount Breaker 2


For Mounting Options, decide from the table below and add to cart above:

Mounting Type Shingle Roof Mount Option

IronRidge Roof Mount Option
Top of Pole Mount Option

Top of Pole Mount Option
Mounting Option Item Code KITCABIN450ROOF TWOUNI-TP/04
Kit Includes IronRidge XR1000 7' Rails, Mid/End clamps,
Tamarack Solar Top of Pole Mount for up to 3 Panels
PSF Up to 90 PSF Up to 50 PSF


For Battery Bank Options, decide from the table below and add to cart above:

Battery Type Trojan J200-RE Premium Flooded Lead Acid Battery

Trojan J200-RE Flooded Battery
KiloVault 2100PLC
Advanced AGM Battery

KiloVault 2100 PLC AGM Battery
SimpliPhi Power Lithium Battery

SimpliPhi Power Lithium Battery
Battery Bank Item Code KITCABIN450FLA KITCABIN450AGM SIMPHI1400-24V
# of Batteries in Kit
(Necessary cables also included)
(2) Trojan J200-RE Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
8" 2/0 Battery Interconnect Cable, Black
(2) KiloVault 2100Wh
12V Advanced AGM Batteries
8" 2/0 Battery Interconnect Cable, Black
8" 2/0 Battery Interconnect Cable, Red
(1) SimpliPhi 1400Wh- 24V Lithium Battery
Maintenance (Watering) Yes No No
Maximum Recommended Depth of Discharge (DoD) 50% 50% 80%
# Cycles at Max Recommended DoD 1600 3000 10000
Battery Voltage 12V 12V 24V
Battery Amp-Hours (C/20 Charge Rate) 200 Ah 180 Ah 57 Ah
Battery Watt-Hours (C/20 Charge Rate) 2400 Wh 2160 Wh 1368 Wh
Total Battery Bank Capacity (C/20) 4.8kWh 4.32 kWh 1.4 kWh
Maximum Useable Capacity
at Max DoD
2.4 kWh 2.16 kWh 1.4 kWh
Average Price Per Battery $298 $475 $1295
Average Cost/kWh Cycle* $.16 $.15 $.16
Average Lifespan 7 years 8 Years 15 Years
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 45°C -20° to 45°C -20° to 60°C
Weight per Battery 132lbs 127 lbs 33 lbs
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Country of Origin USA China USA
Pros Smart Carbon technology for 15% improved cycle life.
Least expensive option up front.
Advanced Pure Lead Carbon technology improves charge/discharge.
Avg cost up front.
Maintenance Free.
Maintenance Free.
Modular and lightweight.
Safe, non-toxic,
environmentally benign.
No cooling or ventilation needed.
Lowest lifetime cost.
Cons Maintenance required (watering).
Replacement costs (~4X over life of solar system).
Limited to 4 strings in parallel.
Replacement costs (~3X over life of solar system). Highest up front cost.

*Average Cost/kWh Cycle = (Avg Price Battery/(# Cycles x DoD X Wh)) x 1000

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