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Midnite Solar 4kW AC-Coupled Retrofit Battery Backup System

Midnite Solar 4kW AC-Coupled Retrofit Battery Backup System
Midnite Solar 4kW AC-Coupled Retrofit Battery Backup System
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Interested in learning more about AC coupling? Check out the alt-E Blog Post about it!

Midnite/Magnum 4000W AC Coupled System
Magnum MS4024PAE Inverter
Midnite Solar

Capable of 4,000 watts of grid tie input when installed with an existing grid tie system and sealed battery bank (gel or agm).

How does an AC Coupled system work?

An AC Coupled system will sell the PV power to the grid under normal conditions. When there is a power outage the battery based inverter will open its relay and disconnect from the grid. It will produce AC power for the critical loads at this time. The grid tie inverter will connect to the battery based inverter to run the loads and charge the batteries from the Solar Panels. When the batteries get full there is a relay inside the AC coupled battery based inverter system that disconnects the grid tie inverter to prevent the batteries from being over charged. The diagram below illustrates this concept. Or see our video to learn even more!

Midnite's Pre-Wired System Includes:
Part Number Item Description Quantity
MIDMND3RACCPLME Midnite Solar Pre-Wired AC-Coupled System, with Magnum MS4024PAE Inverter in a D3R Battery Enclosure 1
CONPVX-3050T Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-3050T 6V, 305AH AGM Battery 4
ALTBC-4/0-8B altE AWG 4/0 Battery Cable, 8", Black 2
ALTBC-4/0-24B altE AWG 4/0 Battery Cable, 24", Black 1
ALTBC-4/0-24R altE AWG 4/0 Battery Cable, 24", Red 1

Midnite Solar
Pre-Wired AC Coupled System with Magnum MS4024PAE Inverter in a D3R Battery Enclosure

The MidNite Pre-Wired AC Coupled System will give you battery backup when the utility is down and also allow the existing grid tie system to charge the batteries and run loads. ETL Listed for the US and Canada.

The MidNite AC coupled system includes:

  • Magnum 120/240VAC, 24VDC 4,000 watt Inverter
  • AC Bypass Assembly
  • D3R powder coated aluminum battery box
  • Magnum Router
  • 175 amp Battery Main Breaker
  • 1 Magnum Battery Temperature sensor (BTS)

Sun Xtender PVX-3050T 6V, 305AH AGM Battery

These high quality Concorde Sun Xtender AGM Batteries are 100% maintenance free and feature a sealed construction that eliminates periodic watering, corrosive fumes and spills. In 1987 , Concorde began supplying the photovoltaic (PV) industry with deep cycle AGM batteries. Over the years, the design expertise, quality and customer focus has made Concorde a leader in providing the best battery available for the PV and Renewable Energy markets.

The electrolyte in AGM batteries is completely absorbed in separators consisting of matted glass fibers. This causes them to be spillproof, meaning they don't leak acid like a flooded design if tipped on their side. The glass mats in AGM batteries are wrapped around the positive plate, which helps prevent damage from vibration and extend cycling. AGM battery designs can have over twice the cycle life of a conventional flooded product in the right application. They excel in high current, high power applications and in extremely cold environments.

  • Premium maintenance-free design
  • High impact strength polypropylene case and cover
  • Superior deep cycle life and resiliency to deep discharge damage
  • Enhanced recharging efficiency
  • Completely sealed valve regulated construction. Immobilized electrolyte is non-spillable.
  • Wide range of temperatures operational from -40 C (-40 F) to +72 C (+160 F)

Midnite PreWired AC Coupled System

This item is a package made up of the following components. Please call to speak to a sales representative to learn about other options which may be available.

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