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Outback Power 8kW AC-Coupled Retrofit Battery Backup System

Outback Power 8kW AC-Coupled Retrofit Battery Backup System
Outback Power 8kW AC-Coupled Retrofit Battery Backup System
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FLEXcoupled 8000W AC Coupled System
Radian GS8048 Inverter/Charger
Outback Power

Grid-interactive or Grid/Hybrid renewable energy systems with more sophisticated inverter/chargers and battery storage capabilities can provide off-grid performance when grid power is unstable, expensive, or even down altogether due to outages or emergencies. But those benefits were out of reach to owners of more common grid-tied systems with simple inverters, which must disconnect when the utility grid is not present for safety reasons—until now. Growing interest in having the best of both worlds— combining grid-tied savings with off-grid independence—is behind the adoption of AC-Coupling, which enables an existing grid-tied inverter system to “couple” as another energy source to a second grid-interactive inverter (with connected battery storage) and share their combined energy while providing battery back-up security and flexibility. Also, check out our video to learn even more!

Now with OutBack Power’s FLEXcoupled solution based on its acclaimed Radian inverter/charger, this “new grid” energy solution has a new performance standard set by the off-grid leader, leveraging technology and quality proven in countless installations in mission-critical applications. The OutBack FLEXcoupled system is unique from other AC-coupling types in that its foundation is a superior split-phase inverter/charger with dual AC inputs, transfer switching, power management flexibility and multiple operational modes for a wide range of energy scenarios, and greater dynamic stability.

This allows using a more elegant, advanced electro- mechanical coupling center (the GSLC 175-AC-120/240) to achieve AC-coupling instead of relying on the costly, complexity-adding extra frequency circuitry, transformers, and diversion loads used in some conventional systems. Since the OutBack approach is more cost-effective, users have the option of investing in superior, professional-grade energy storage such as OutBack’s EnergyCell Grid Hybrid batteries and IBR- 2 shelf integrated rack—and enjoy the utility and security of a system that meets the UL-1741 standard from end-to-end.

Outback's FLEXcoupled System Includes:
Part Number Item Description Quantity
OUTGSLC175-AC Pre-wired 120/240 VAC Load Center for AC Coupling 1
OUTGS8048A Radian GS8048A 8000W 120/240VAC Inverter/Charger 1
OUTMATE3S Mate 3s System Display and Controller 1
OUTFW-MB3 Mate 3 Mounting Bracket 1
OUTIBR-2-48-175 2-Shelf Integrated Battery Rack 48V 1
OUTEC-200GH EnergyCell 200GH AGM Battery 12V 200Ah 8
ALTBC-2/0-120RB altE AWG 2/0 Battery Cables, 10 ft, Pair 2

Outback Power
GS Load Center for Radian Series Inverters in AC Coupled Systems

Radian Series Load Center

The new GSLC175-AC-120/240 Load Center has been specially designed to integrate with a Radian Series (GS) inverter, MATE 3 controller and a battery bank to provide a complete and easy-to-install, turnkey AC Coupling System for already existing grid-tied systems, only requiring 4 field connections to the grid-tie inverter to install.

The GSLC175-AC-120/240 also has a remote operated circuit breaker which disconnects the grid-tied inverter in the event of an outage and autostart a generator if needed.

The GSLC175-AC-120/240 comes factory prepared with:

  • Dual 175ADC inverter breakers
  • Dual AC inputs
  • AC maintenance bypass
  • Two (2) PV array inputs
  • FLEXnet DC battery monitor
  • Three (3) Shunts

Outback Power
GS8048A Radian Series 8000W Inverter/Charger

Radian Series Inverter

The GS8048A is a powerful DC to AC true sine-wave inverter and battery charger that features dual AC inputs and a 120/240 V split-phase voltage. The inverter easily integrates with the GS Load Center, Outback MATE3 and HUB Communications Manager to provide an industry leading, scalable power solution.

The Radian Series utilizes a durable stainless steel face with a galvanized steel enclosure, providing you with Outback's signature ruggedness, but with a sleek, compact and modern appearance. Outback Inverter/Chargers are the only choice when you need a dependable power solution for your home or business.


  • Grid-Interactive and Stand alone capability in the same package
  • 8000 Watts of continuous power
  • Operates with 48V Battery Bank systems
  • Uses spring-based AC terminals instead of screw-based terminals. This eliminates torque requirements and periodic re-tightening.
  • All terminals exit at the bottom of the inverter. This allows the installer to use a single distribution box. The GS Load Center above is specifically designed for this purpose
  • Uses the MATE3 System Display and Controller for user interface

Outback Power
Mate3s Advanced System Display and Controller

The MATE3s makes it easier than ever to program and monitor a complete OutBack Power system. The MATE3s keeps the same intuitive user interface and integrated system configuration wizard found in the MATE3 to make system setup and programming quick and seamless.

A built-in clock and calendar function enables timer-based programming of inverter and charger operation. This permits you to set the system to work with time-of-day power rates or to limit a generator’s run time to a specific time period of the day or week. All of your settings are stored in permanent memory to eliminate the need to reprogram in the event of a system shutdown or battery replacement. The MATE3s is an Internet enabled device - simply connecting to the Internet will allow full remote system monitoring via an easy-to-use web interface.

Outback Power
EnergyCell Grid Hybrid Batteries and 2-Shelf Integrated Battery Rack

OutBack’s new EnergyCell Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) 200GH batteries are designed to support critical power applications in Grid/Hybrid systems where renewable sources normally augment grid power, but the power-conversion system switches to off-grid operation during emergencies or outages. EnerSys SBS EON technology incorporates TPPL AGM (Thin Plate Pure Lead Advanced Glass Mat) which allows for greater shelf life, extended float service life in optimal operating conditions, higher energy density, and superior discharge and charge performance. A full AC-coupled system will require eight (8) EnergyCell 200GH 200 Ah batteries.

The Outback Integrated Battery Rack system is a comprehensive battery enclosure solution with cell interconnects, cabling, and series string overcurrent protection and disconnects included, making it easy to order and install. The rack is crafted of powder coated aluminum, resulting in a clean, durable appearance even in challenging environments while weighing less than 90 pounds. Clear covers allow for visual inspection while providing additional protection for the batteries and electrical connections. The rack can accommodate up to eight (8) EnergyCell GH or RE batteries, (or other group 8D battery) and supports 48 volt systems.


  • Supports two 48V strings of Outback EnergyCell AGM batteries (or other group 8D batteries)
  • 175ADC overcurrent protection on each battery string for added safety and flexibility
  • Well-ventilated for increased battery safety and longevity
  • Designed to meet UL1741, ISO registered 9001

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