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AC-Coupled and DC-Coupled Systems

AC-Coupled and DC-Coupled Systems

It's not too late to get backup power! Extreme weather patterns and grid instability have helped augment the concept of AC Coupling and DC Coupling.

Until recently, the only option to add backup power to your grid-tie solar system was a generator. While reliable, generators are not very environmentally friendly, are fairly noisy, and need maintenance and periodic cycling.

Check out our AC-Coupling and DC-Coupling system options below or give us a call at 877-878-4060 and our solar experts will help in sizing the right backup system for you!

Solar AC Coupled & DC Coupled Systems

Want a more eco-friendly partner to your grid-tie system? The premise of AC-Coupling and DC-Coupling is the same. It is for those who currently have a grid-tie solar system installed, and now want the option to have backup power available during outages. What's needed in both solutions is a battery bank, a sub panel for your critical loads (ex. refrigerator, lights, heating system), and a battery-based inverter.

AC Coupling Overview | Solar Power When The Grid Goes Down

Watch our video on adding an AC coupling kit to your existing grid-tie solar power system. We discuss the limitations of a grid-tie solar inverter, how to manage power outages and adding deep cycle battery backup to your grid-tie renewable energy system.

DC Coupling with Morningstar Corp Overview

Check out our video with Jake and Kyle from Morningstar where we discuss DC coupling. DC coupling is when you take DC (direct current) energy and use it to power DC specific loads (lights, fridge/freezers, other critical loads). DC coupling is used in a variety of applications. You can use DC coupling in both off-grid and grid-tie solar systems with battery back up. Watch and learn more!

Designing a Grid Tie Solar Power System

Before you can add AC or DC coupling, you need to size and install a grid-tie solar system. Check out our video on how to design and install a grid-tie solar power system.

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