Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters

Why should you consider a solar pool heater for your backyard? Simply put it can cut your pool heating bills dramatically! Pool heaters can easily run into the thousands of dollars and that doesn't account for the fuel you'll need to keep them running. If you invest in a solar pool heater you will be using renewable energy, and it will cost virtually nothing to heat your pool once the initial investment in a solar system is complete.

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More Info on Solar Pool Heaters

Heating your pool water with the sun is one of the most efficient uses of solar technology and can extend your pool heating system by months. We currently offer simple, inexpensive and lightweight non-glazed collectors for under $500. The collectors are lightweight plastic about 2' x 10' and sometimes as much as twice that size. They roll right up at the end of the season for easy storage. Best of all they connect directly in line with your current pump system.

Sizing unglazed pool heaters: For Guardian Solar Pool Heating collectors, the square area should be 70% of your pool's surface area. Measure the surface area of your pool and multiply it by 0.70. Now order the quantity of 2' x 10' or 2' x 12' panels to match that number. For example, if your pool is 14' x 28' that's 392 square feet. You will need to order 392 x 0.7 = 274.4 square feet of collectors, or 14 collectors (they're skinny!). The Fafco Solar Pool Heating collectors recommend one to two of their 4' x 20' collectors for most above ground pools.

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