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Karen Rice

Solar Pathfinder with Case & Tripod

Written January 08, 2008

Solar Pathfinder a Worthwhile Investment

We received the kit on Winter Solstice 2007 and have good things to say about the contents!
First of all the case is a good idea to protect the instrument. The instruction manual is comprehensive, well illustrated, and easy to read. My husband used the software and found that helpful too.
Best of all we were able to make accurate assessments of sites we'd been wondering about with an accuracy that amazed us. It was so straightforward yet very technical and scientific....the best kind of design, I think!
We've lived off grid for 10 years and wish we had used this tool a long time ago.
We have several friends who live on-grid but are keen to try out the Pathfinder to help determine if solar panels would be an option for them.
Our hats are off to the inventors of this tool and to AES for making it so readily available. It will probably be one of the most important components in the new system we're working on with AES.
Thanks again!

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