Panasonic 325 Watt HIT High Efficiency Solar Panel, 40MM
Panasonic 330 Watt HIT High Efficiency Solar Panel

Panasonic 325 Watt HIT High Efficiency Solar Panel, 40MM
Panasonic 325 Watt HIT High Efficiency Solar Panel, 40MM
Panasonic 330 Watt HIT High Efficiency Solar Panel
Panasonic 330 Watt HIT High Efficiency Solar Panel
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Best In Class Product Warranty - 25 YEARS!
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Model: Panasonic 325 Watt - 40MM (325 Watt - 40MM) Panasonic 330 Watt - 35MM (330 Watt - 35MM)
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Item code Brand name Model number Volts Watts Connector Type
PAN325HITMONO40 Panasonic Panasonic 325 Watt - 40MM 32V 325W MC4
Item code Brand name Model number Volts Watts Connector Type
PAN330HITMONO Panasonic Panasonic 330 Watt - 35MM 32V 330W MC4

Panasonic Solar
Why Panasonic HIT High Efficiency Solar Panels? 
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HIT High Efficiency Solar Panels

Pack more power on your roof with Panasonic 96 cell Solar Panels , in the 300 Watt Solar Panel family.  They have the same footprint as standard 60 cell modules, but over 25% more power! These high efficiency panels are designed for dense, residential rooftops, where space needs to be maximized.

Panasonic is a well known and proven brand, and is celebrating over 40 years in the solar business. They continue to break records for their cell and module efficiency. Panasonic's original SHJ (Silicone Heterojunction) state of art technology solar cell is composed of a thin single monocrystalline silicon wafer sandwiched by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This results in less impurities of the cells, achieving higher electronic quality, and ultimately performance. In addition, the SHJ solar cell can generate not only front side light, but also rear side light, which enters between the cells, allowing for greater performance in morning and evening light - up to 13% more daily energy production! The pyramidal structure of the cell surface also helps increase the absorption of more sunlight, generating more energy. These HIT solar panels are a proven unique technology and have been in mass production for 19 years, proving to be leaders in the industry.


  • High panel efficiency of up to 19.7%, with cell efficiency of up to 22.09%
  • Warrantied power tolerance of up to +10%
  • Lowest temperature coefficient means up to 13% more daily energy production at higher temperatures. This results in the highest kWh production annually, and the greatest net savings at end of life.
  • Unique water drainage at corners of module avoids water accumulation, as well as water stains and dust after drying, improving performance (*Important to wear work gloves during installation, as corners tend to be very sharp)
  • Compatible with string inverters such as SolarEdge Inverters/Optimizers* (see NOTE below), but currently not compatible with micro inverters
  • Black frame on white backsheet
  • UL 1703 certified, cUL, California CEC listed
  • NEW! Best In Class Warranty! 25 year product warranty on materials/workmanship and 25 year linear power output warranty - PLUS 25 Year Labor Warranty for select Authorized Installers.

  • *NOTE: The high Voc on this module allows it to match up perfectly with SolarEdge inverters using the P400 optimizer. The optimizer can reduce the voltage at the module level allowing for longer strings - ie. 8-16 modules on a string. Other string inverters will work but with shorter strings and more parallel connections.


    STC VBHN325SA16 VBHN325SA17 VBHN330SA16
    Nominal Max Power (Pmax) 325 watts 330 watts
    Max Power Voltage (Vmp) 57.6V 58.0V
    Max Power Current (Imp) 5.65A 5.70A
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 69.6V 69.7V
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 6.03A 6.07A
    Module Efficiency 19.4% 19.7%
    Cell Efficiency 21.76% 22.09%
    Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) -0.30%/°C
    Operating Temperature -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
    Maximum System Voltage 600V
    Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
    Cell Type Mono-crystalline
    Cell Arrangement 96 (8 x 12)
    Dimensions 62.6 x 41.5 x 1.4in
    (1590 x 1053 x 35mm)
    62.6 x 41.5 x 1.6in
    (1590 x 1053 x 40mm)
    62.6 x 41.5 x 1.4in
    (1590 x 1053 x 35mm)
    Weight 40.8 lbs (18.5 kg)
    Connectors MC4
    Static Wind/Snow Load 50 PSF (2400 Pa) 112 PSF (5400 Pa) 50 PSF (2400 Pa)

    More Power + More Energy = More Power Generation over the life of your system!

    Panasonic High Efficiency Panels


    Panasonic 325 Watt DimensionsPanasonic 325 40MM Frame Dimensions

    Panasonic Solar

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