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Kyocera Solar Inc.
Kyocera Solar Panels

Kyocera solar panels have again ranked as the ONLY module to rank in the Top Performer group in all of the categories in the new 2016 PV Module Reliability Scorecard. The first Scorecard was done in 2014, where they also ranked in the "Top Performer" group in all of the categories. Click Here to read article.

Kyocera's advanced cell processing technology and automated production facilities have produced a multi-crystal solar cell with an efficiency of over 16%. All Kyocera solar panels are constructed using a tempered glass front, EVA pottant and a PVF backing to provide maximum protection from the most severe environmental conditions. The entire laminate is framed in a heavy duty anodized aluminum frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation. Because Kyocera solar modules are so efficient less space is required than other solar panels of equal output. This translates to both more wattage per square foot and lower mounting structure cost.

And did you know this about Kyocera? There's a reason why the boating community loves Kyocera solar panels. They have passed rigorous tests that show that they will outperform other other brand solar panels in saltwater environments. Kyocera Solar's entire product line of solar modules passed the Salt Mist Corrosion Test, showing that their solar panels are ideally suited for long-term deployment in marine and coastal areas. As anyone who's spent much time near the ocean knows, salt mist is very corrosive that can damage key components of the solar panel, including the frame, internal wiring, and even the glass. However, the tests show that the Kyocera solar panels are built to withstand the salt mist.

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  • Strong, sturdy aluminum box frame with a UV stabilized, aesthetically pleasing black anodized finish
  • Supported by major mounting structure manufacturers
  • Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation
  • +5% power tolerance on every module - guaranteeing +5% upside for more output!
  • UL1703 Certified, UL Fire Safety Class C/CEC, NEC 2008 Compliant, IEC 61215/61730, and ISO 14001
  • 25-year limited power output warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty

Kyocera Solar Panel Options:

Specifications: KD145SX-UFU KD150GX-LFU KU270-6MCA
Max Power 145 Watts 150 Watts 270 Watts
Voltage at Max Power (Vmp) 17.9 V 18.2 V 31.0 V
Current at Max Power (Imp) 8.11 A 8.25 A 8.71 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.3 V 22.5 V 38.3 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.78 A 8.87 A 9.43 A
Max System Voltage 600 V 1000 V
Series Fuse Rating 15 A
Dimensions 59.06" x 26.3" x 1.8"
(1500 x 668 x 46 mm)
65.43" x 39" x 1.8"
(1662 x 990 x 46 mm)
Weight 28.4 lbs 41.9 lbs
Connectors/Cables Junction Box Only - no cables SMK H4
Number of Cells 36 60
Application Off Grid Grid Tie

Kyocera multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules exceed government specifications for the following tests:

  • Thermal cycling test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Thermal/Freezing and high humidity cycling test
  • Electrical insolation test
  • Hailstone impact test (1" @ 51 mph)
  • Mechanical, wind and twist loading test
  • Salt mist corrostion test (IEC61701 Ed. 2 Severity 6)
  • Light and water exposure test
  • Field exposure test


Kyocera Solar panels
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