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Kyocera KD140GX-LFBS 140 Watt Solar Panel

Kyocera KD140GX-LFBS 140 Watt Solar Panel
Kyocera KD140GX-LFBS 140 Watt Solar Panel
Item code Brand name Model number Volts Watts Connector Type
KYO140KD140GXLF Kyocera Solar KD140GX-LFBS 12V 140W SMK
**Please note that we cannot sell these modules to customers in Europe per request of the manufacturer.

Kyocera Solar

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Wondering what the difference is between the SX and GX models of the Kyocera KD140 Solar Panel? See our video to find out !


Kyocera Solar Inc.
KD Series 140W, 12V Multicrystalline Solar Panel

The Kyocera KD 140 solar panel is very popular for off-grid solar applications. It's available in 2 different versions - the SX and the GX. So when should you use which and why? The solar cells and frame are identical between the two. The main difference is how you connect them in your system. But here are some distinctions to help you decide:

  • The GX version comes with a sealed junction box on the back with PV wire and +/- solar connectors. This makes it very easy to wire them in series with other solar panels, so it's useful for when you have several panels in your array.
  • The GX is also appropriate if you have a portable system, like a boat or RV, where you have to disconnect and store the panels for some time. There is a disconnect key that makes it easy to do so for the GX version.
  • The SX version, on the other hand, comes with a junction box only- no cables. It comes with 2 water tight strain releifs inside the junction box to provide a water tight seal around the wires. This allows you to open up the junction box and do your own wiring, so it's useful when you're installing the panel on a boat and want to use marine grade wire, for example.
  • The SX panel, then, is great for a smaller solar system with only 1 or 2 panels - ideal for such applications as solar water pumping.

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  • New frame technology allows for end mounting under 2400 Pa (50 psf) and traditional mounting under 5400 Pa (113 psf)
  • Strong, sturdy aluminum box frame
  • UV stabilized, aesthetically pleasing black anodized finish
  • Supported by all major mounting structure manufacturers
  • Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation
  • Proven junction box technology
  • Quality locking plug-in connectors to provide safe & quick connections
  • 25-year limited power output warranty and a 10-year workmanships warranty (see Product Documentation section above for details)
Model Max Power Voltage at Max Power Current at Max Power Open Circuit Voltage Short Circuit Current Series Fuse Rating Dimensions
KD140GX-LFBS 140 W 17.7 V 7.91 A 22.1 V 8.68 A 15 A 59.06" x 26.3" x 1.8"
(1500 x 668 x 46 mm)
28.4 lbs.

Kyocera multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules exceed government specifications for the following tests:

  • Thermal cycling test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Thermal/Freezing and high humidity cycling test
  • Electrical insolation test
  • Hail impact test
  • Mechanical, wind and twist loading test
  • Salt mist test
  • Light and water exposure test
  • Field exposure test
Kyocera Solar
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