MT Solar 12 Module Top of Pole Mounts - FRAME ONLY

MT Solar 12 Module Top of Pole Mounts - FRAME ONLY
MT Solar 12 Module Top of Pole Mounts - FRAME ONLY

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Model: 8-TOP-12-60-FRAME ONLY (12 Module Mount FRAME)
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MT Solar Top of Pole Mounts

See how easy it is to install MT Solar Top of Pole Mounts:

MT Solar
Top of Pole Mounts

MT Solar brings us a new way of pole mounting your solar array. It's easier, safer, and faster! This Top of Pole Mount System allows you to assemble at waist level, wire the solar panels at eye level, chain hoist your array up to the top, and adjust your tilt angle from the ground. No more heavy equipment, cranes, scaffolding, or large ladders needed! And quick turnaround time too!

Click the MT Solar Calculator to enter your site inputs and see which Mount is best for your site/application.


  • These remaining mounts do NOT come with rails (RAILS SOLD SEPARATELY).  These are the FRAMES only.  
  • The 12 TOP takes Qty 6 of TWOXR1000168A, total Qty 30 UFO midclamps, and total Qty 12 endclamps.  
  • The 4 TOP takes Qty 4 of TWOXR10084A, total Qty 12 UFO midclamps, and total Qty 8 endclamps.
  • All Mounts for 6 Modules and up come standard with the Hand Crank (lifting brackets and chain hoists are sold separately).
  • Smaller Mounts for 4 Modules do not come standard with the Hand Crank.  They come with a Plate Adjuster, as it's easy enough to adjust by hand, without the Hand Crank.
  • See MODEL NUMBER above, to indicate which PIPE size/POLE CAP/COLLAR comes STANDARD with each mount (ie. if it starts with a 4, it's a 4" pipe/cap/collar, if it starts with an 8, it's an 8" pipe/cap/collar).  

  • Features

    • Steel frame painted with high grade industrial paint with anodized rails and corrosion-resistant hardware for protection against the elements
    • Installs over standard Schedule 40 or 80 rigid steel pipe (Installer supplied)
    • Integrated grounding allows for less parts and labor
    • Standard rating of 90-105mph Wind, Exposure B, and 30-50psf Snow loads
    • Hand Crank allows you to easily adjust tilt angle of your array from 5 to 90 ° from the ground, to maximize your production, and allow for snow shed
    • Lifting Bracket Option inserts into top of the pole as a point to hook a chain hoist to raise up the array
    • Chain Hoist Option allows you to assemble at ground level and hoist array to the top, by hand
    • These frames are for 60-Cell Mounts (fit most 60-cell modules approximately 66" long x 40" wide)
    • Optimized for landscape orientation of solar panels
    • Made in USA (Montana)
    • 10 Year Warranty

    NOTE: Image above and image below are showing Crank and Hoist Options. Varies based on the mount you order.

    Installation Tips:

  • Installations should comply with local regulations and requirements. The installer should inspect site conditions such as soil type, wind speed, snow load potentials etc. An Engineering Review can be done, if needed, by MT Solar for an additional fee.
  • For conventional Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 steel pipe installation (needs to be purchased/supplied locally), dig hole according to recommended depth and diameter. Once pole is in ground, use level to make sure it's vertical to the ground. Brace pipe to prevent it from moving during the concrete pouring. Allow concrete to cure. Backfill around pole.
  • Place lifting bracket inside top of pipe, hang the chain hoist from it, then hang the U-bracket on the chain hoist and attach to pole.
  • Attach the hand crank adjuster to the backplate of the U-bracket, making sure the bolt it tight, but don't over-tighten, to allow for some flexibility movement of the crank adjuster tab.
  • Continue w/installation of supplied pipes and rails
  • Install solar panels per rail instructions using top clamps, while leaving out appropriate panel(s) in the middle around the pole. Raise and/or tilt the array to waist height where it is easy to finish the solar panel installation and wiring.
  • Using the chain hoist, raise the array to the top of the pole, and place the final solar panel in the empty space.
  • Using an angle finder, adjust the array to the proper tilt with the hand crank
  • Tools Required: 1 1/8" socket, 3/4" socket, 9/16" socket, crescent wrench, torque wrench, tape measure, angle finder, compass, ladder

  • MT Solar

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