S-5! SolarFoot For Metal Roofing Applications

S-5! SolarFoot For Metal Roofing Applications
S-5! SolarFoot For Metal Roofing Applications

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S5C-SOLARFOOT S-5! SolarFoot

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting

for Exposed-Fastened Roof Systems

The SolarFoot is another option from S-5 that offers an ideal mounting platform to attach the L-Foot of a rail-mounted PV system to an exposed fastener metal roof, such as trapezoidal AG-Panel or R-Panel profiles.  One option is the S-5 PV Kit on a RibBracket.  Alternatively, this option of the SolarFoot and L-Foot (sold separately) offers a lower profile, which eliminates issues like moment arm - commonly associated with L-Foot/Rail solar mounting scenarios.

L-Foot and Fasteners SOLD SEPARATELY.

SolarFoot ­Features:
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. from certified raw material
  • Fabricated in our own ISO 9001:2015 Certified factory
  • All aluminum and stainless components
  • 25yr limited warranty
  • Compatible with all commercial L-Foot products on the market
  • No leaks with factory-applied 40-year isobutylene/isoprene crosslink polymer sealant
  • Sealant reservoir to prevent over-compression of sealant
  • Load tested normal to seam
  • Four points of attachment into structure or deck with tested holding strength for engineered applications
  • Integrated with M8-1.25x17mm stud and M8-1.25 stainless steel hex flange nut included

The SolarFoot is a simple, cost-effective pedestal for L-Foot (not included) attachment of rail-mounted solar PV. The unique design is compatible with all rail producer L-Foot components. The new SolarFoot assembly ensures a durable weathertight solution for the life of the roof. Special factory applied butyl co-polymeric sealant contained in a reservoir is The Right Way, allowing a water-tested seal. Stainless integrated stud and hex flange lock-nut secure the L-Foot into position. A low center of gravity reduces the moment arm commonly associated with L-Foot attachments. Direct attachment of the SolarFoot to the structural member or deck provides unparalleled holding strength.

Solar Foot Advantages:
  • Exposed fasten mounting platform for solar arrays attached via L-Foot and Rails
  • Weatherproof attachment to exposed fastener roofing
  • Butyl sealant reservoir provides long-term waterproof seal
  • M8-1.25x17mm stud with M8 hex flange nut for attachment of all popular L-Foot/rail combinations
  • Tool: 13 mm Hex Socket or ½”
  • Hex Socket
  • Tool Required: Electric screw gun with hex drive socket for self tapping screws
  • Low Center of Gravity reduces moment arm commonly associated with L-Foot/Rail solar mounting scenarios
  • Four points of attachment - directly into the structure or deck for superior holding strength
  • S-5! Recommended substrate specific e.g. steel purlin, wood 2×4, osb, etc fasteners provide excellent waterproofing and pull out strength
  • Fastener through-hole locations comply with NDS (National Design Specification)

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting
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