S-5! N 1.5 Clamp

S-5! N 1.5 Clamp
S-5! N 1.5 Clamp
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S5C-S5-N-1.5 S-5! S-5-N 1.5 Clamp

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting S-5! Clamps

S-5-N-1.5 Clamp
for 1.5" Nail Strip Metal Roofs

S-5-N 1.5 and S-5-N 1.5 Mini clamps were designed with patented S-5!® zero penetration technology for application on the popular 1.5" nail strip metal roof profiles. Please note these clamps were not designed to fit all nail strip profiles.) The clamp boasts an angular throat that accommodates most nail strip profiles, minimizing the need to field crimp. An angled wall with a nose permits the S-5-N 1.5 to engage the triangle type profiles during the installation process—there is no longer a need to hold the clamp in place while setscrews are tensioned. The combination of these two features allows the clamp to sit straighter on the seam.

The S-5-N clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results on most major brands of 1.5" nail strip profiles of standing seam roofing. The independent lab test data found at www.S-5.com can be used for load-critical designs and applications. S-5!® holding strength is unmatched in the industry.

NOTE: The S-5-N 1.5 and S-5-N 1.5 Mini are designed to fit numerous (but dimensionally specific) 1.5" nail strip profiles; however these profiles are vast with new variations coming into the market regularly. These clamps may not be suitable for every such profile. To avoid potential damage to roof it is important to veriry clamp-to-roof suitability.

S-5! N 1.5 Clamp - Dimensions:

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting

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