S-5! H90 Horizontal Clamp for Metal Roofs

S-5! H90 Horizontal Clamp for Metal Roofs
S-5! H90 Horizontal Clamp for Metal Roofs

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S5C-S5-H90 S-5! S-5-H90

S-5! standing seam solar panel mountingS-5! H90 Bracket

H90 Bracket
for Metal Roofs with Horizontal Seams

The S-5-H90 is a one-piece clamp that was developed to securely and cost-effectively accommodate metal roof panels with a horizontal seam greater than 0.65". Turning the clamp 90 degrees so that the bolt hole side is facing up, you simply slip the clamp on the seam and tighten the setscrews. After the clamp is installed, affix ancillary items using either of the two threaded bolt holes and bolt provided. The strength of the S-5-H90 clamp is in its simple design. The patented setscrews will slightly dimple the metal seam material but will not puncture it, leaving roof manufacturers' warranties intact. The S-5-H90 clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results on a variety of horizontal standing seam roof profiles from leading panel manufacturers. The H90 come with the clamp, a bolt and 2 setscrews.

S-5! H90 Bracket

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting

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