S-5! CorruBracket
S-5! CorruBracket 100T

S-5! CorruBracket
S-5! CorruBracket
S-5! CorruBracket 100T
S-5! CorruBracket 100T

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Model: CorruBracket (CorruBracket) CorruBracket 100T (CorruBracket 100T)
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S5C-CORRUBRCKT S-5! CorruBracket
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S5C-CB100T S-5! CorruBracket 100T

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting S-5! CorruBracket

for Corrugated Metal Roofing

The CorruBracket comes in 5 different sizes, depending the metal roof profile.  It can be used to mount almost anything to corrugated metal roofing. No messy sealants to apply! No chance for leaks! The CorruBracket comes with factory applied butyl sealant already in the base, and the S-5!® patented reservoir conceals the sealant from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks. The easy installation makes it the best solution for installing photovoltaic solar arrays to corrugated roofing with the S-5-PV Kit.

The Mini version of the 100T and 500T is a bit shorter than its standard counterpart, and has 2 pre-punched holes instead.  The Mini is just as strong, and is a great choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories - like signs, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, solar arrays - just about anything.

Installation is simple! CorruBracket is mounted directly into the supporting structure of the roof, i.e. roof decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses. No surface preparation is necessary; simply wipe away excess oils and debris, peel the release paper, align, and apply. Secure through the pre-punched holes using the appropriate screws for the supporting structure.


  • For medium or heavy-duty applications
  • Leak-proof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hardware not included
  • 25 Year Warranty

CorruBracket Diagram:

CorruBracket Dimensional Diagram

CorruBracket 100T Diagram:

CorruBracket 100T Dimensional Diagram

CorruBracket 100T MINI Diagram:

CorruBracket 100T Mini Dimensional Diagram

CorruBracket 500T Diagram:

CorruBracket 500T Dimensional Diagram

S-5! standing seam solar panel mounting

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