Tamarack Solar UNI-SP/01A Side-of-Pole Mount, 27.5" Support

Tamarack Solar UNI-SP/01A Side-of-Pole Mount, 27.5
Tamarack Solar UNI-SP/01A Side-of-Pole Mount, 27.5
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TWOUNI-SP/01A Tamarack Solar UNI-SP/01A

Tamarack Solar Ironridge Side of Pole Mount

Tamarack Solar
Side of Pole
Solar Panel Mounts

Tamarack Solar Side of Pole Mounts support pole diameters of 2" to 4" and modules with center-center distribution of 19" to 39". Tilt range includes 15 - 65 degrees. Tamarack Side of Pole Mounts are manufactured using heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5052-H32 aluminum and are available in models to support one, two or three solar panels. Schedule 40 pipe not included.

If you need some help selecting the correct mount for your application, click here to use the Tamarack Solar Sizing Tool.


  • 5052-H32 aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Withstands 50 psf (125 mph wind loads)
  • High-tensile strength
  • Corrosion
  • Attractive brushed aluminum finish
  • Universal design - models to hold from 1-6 modules
  • Infinitely adjustable between 15-75 degrees
  • Precision hole positioning and alignment
  • Easy, rapid assembly
  • Well-illustrated instructions

  • Strong - Constructed from 5052-H32 aluminum with stainless steel fasteners, your modules are protected from damage in virtually all weather conditions, including extremes of wind, rain, ice, and snow. Using licensed engineers and destructive testing methods, these structures have been designed and proven to withstand 50 psf (125 mph wind loads) - significantly higher than industry standards.

  • Durable - Using punch/form construction methods, rather than extrusions, allows for the use of high tensile strength, and corrosion resistant materials. The structures will last the life of the PV modules they support, and beyond.

  • Versatile - The structures are universal, designed to hold modules from the major manufacturers. Different models are available to mount from one to twenty modules. All modules are infinitely adjustable over a wide range for precise positioning of the modules. Season adjustments can be done easily by one person.

  • Easily Assembled - Using CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) manufacturing methods assures precise hole location and alignment of each component. Conveniently packaged and labeled sub-assemblies, along with well-illustrated instructions make assembly rapid and straightforward.

  • Ironridge Side of Pole Solar Panel Mount Ironridge Side of Pole Mount for two solar panels Ironridge Side of Pole Mount for three solar panels
    Single Module Mount Two Module Mount Three Module Mount
    Model UNI-SP/01 UNI-SP/01A UNI-SP/01XH UNI-SP/02 UNI-SP/02A* UNI-SP/02X* UNI-SP/03
    Module Width Up to 25" Up to 27.5" Up to 27.5" 2 Panels Combined Width
    Up to 45"
    2 Panels Combined Width
    Up to 55"
    2 Panels Combined Width
    Up to 55"
    3 Panels Combined Width
    Up to 70"
    Pole Diameter 2 - 4.5" 2 - 4.5" 2 - 4.5" 2 - 4.5" 3 - 4.5" 3 - 4.5" 4 - 4.5"

    * The only difference between the "A" version and the "X" version is that the X version has a longer bucket - meaning it will hold longer panels. The bucket on the X version is 35.6" and on the A version is 25.5". If the distance between the mounting holes of the module is closer to 35.6", use the X. If it's closer to 25.5", use the A.

    Tamarack Solar

Here are some tips from the altE staff

  • True solar south and magnetic south vary depending on where you are on the globe. Be sure to orient your solar panel mounts as close to solar south as possible. To find out how far off your magnetic south is from solar south check out <a href="" target="_blank">NOAA's handy calculator</a>.

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