Tamarack Solar Universal Tilt-Up RV Mount


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TWOUNI-RV/40 Tamarack Solar UNI-RV/40

Tamarack Solar Tamarack Solar Tilt-Up RV Mount

Tamarack Solar
Tilt-Up RV Mount

Tamarack Solar's universal RV Mount is a simple solution for mounting a single 60 cell or 72 cell PV module (or smaller) on the roof of an RV, trailer or other flat surface.  It can also be used as a portable unit, than can be placed on the ground and rotated with the sun.  The Universal RV Mount is an extremely sturdy mounting solution for installing on top of recreational vehicles, sheds or flat surface.  With its user adjustable angle settings of 0° to 40° the Universal RV Mount can provide better efficiencies than a permanent flat roof install.



  • Mounting rails are designed for modules with widths up to 40 inches and lengths up to 77 inches.  Smaller modules can be mounted as long as they are at least 14 inches wide up to 37 inches wide.
  • RV mount uses clips instead of the mounting holes
  • Module can be tilted up when parked for maximum sun exposure, from 0° to 40°
  • Low profile when folded flat to minimize wind resistance and chance of damage while driving
  • Manufactured using heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5000 series aluminum and stainless-steel hardware
  • Engineered for 90 mph wind speeds
  • Can ship parcel
  • Very easy to install - see DOCUMENTS tab for installation manual
Tamarack Solar

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