Ecofasten Solar CP-SQ-SLOTTED 2" X 2" Compression Bracket

Ecofasten Solar CP-SQ-SLOTTED 2
Ecofasten Solar CP-SQ-SLOTTED 2
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EcoFasten Solar

Shown below is the bottom of the bracket (on the left)

and the top of the bracket (on the right):

CP-SQ Slotted Compression Bracket

The CP-SQ-Slotted compression bracket can be mounted directly on top of the base plates and flashings. It is a 2" X 2" Square with 1 fastener hole and a slotted top. A flat washer (included with the bracket) is placed over the fastener to allow it to torque properly over the L-foot. Then the CP-SQ adaptor plate is placed between the flashing and the L-Foot with the EPDM bonded washer (that comes with the flashing). This ensures a watertight seal above the L-Foot when all compressed and the fastener is tightened. The added slot in the plate allows for any water that may pool in the L-Foot to weep out under the L-Foot over the watertight seal, for additional protection.


NOTE: This diagram is for instructional purposes only. Only items #2 (flat washer) and #5 (CP-SQ bracket) come with this item. The rest are sold separately. An EPDM washer (#4) does come with every Flashing (#6).

EcoFasten Solar

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