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Zomeworks UTR-020 Universal Solar Tracker

Zomeworks UTR-020 Universal Solar Tracker
Zomeworks UTR-020 Universal Solar Tracker
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ZOMUTR-020 Zomeworks UTR-020

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Zomeworks Zomeworks UTF-020 Zomeworks UTF-020

Universal TRACK RACK™
for Photovoltaic Modules

Since 1980, more than 19,000 Zomeworks single axis trackers have been installed, in different climates, on nearly every continent in the world. Track Racks™ are highly cost-effective components for domestic and industrial photovoltaic power systems; water pumping systems; cathodic protection systems; and traditional power utilities

The sun’s heat moves liquid from side to side. This action allows gravity alone to turn the Track Rack to follow the sun—therefore no motors, no gears and no controls to fail. The Track Rack features an early morning, rapid-return system. Shipped partially assembled, it’s easy to install and is module specific.

Zomeworks UTF-040

Zomeworks UTF-040

Six standard UTR and UTR-F Track Racks fit all common photovoltaic modules. The UTR020, UTR040 and the UTRF-072, -090, -120 and -168 are named for the number of square feet of module area they hold. To determine which size single axis tracker you need for your modules, see the Track Rack Matrix located under the 'documents' tab above.

Zomeworks UTRF-072

Zomeworks' Track Racks increase the electrical output of photovoltaic modules by 25% or more compared to modules on fixed mounts.
  • Track Racks always produce more power than a fixed rack
  • Track Racks produce 25-45% more power in the summer
  • Track Racks produce up to 50% more water when using them for pumping

A 12-module tracking system delivers the same electric output as 15 modules mounted on fixed racks – a savings of three modules.

Track Racks being 25% - 45% more efficient means either you get 25% - 5% more power or you can buy 25% less panels for your system and still receive the same amount of power had you chosen fixed racks. Either way you get more for the same amount of money.

Zomeworks UTRF-090

Zomeworks UTRF-090

The greatest benefit of trackers is you get more out of all of your equipment because of them; the inverters, pumps, wells, batteries, - whatever you are using in your system. The entire investment is enhanced by 25% - 40%.

Zomeworks' Universal Track Rack is available in six standard sizes for holding 2 to 16 modules. Universal Track Racks fit all common photovoltaic modules, including Sharp, Canadian Solar, Kyocera, Photowatt, BP, Solec, Uni-Solar, and most other popular modules.

The revolutionary new Zomeworks' J Clip™ universal stainless steel module mounting clip, eliminates the need for module-specific holes that can be mispositioned.

The Universal Track Rack comes knocked down in two or three easy-to-handle boxes that conveniently fit into a small pickup truck.

UTR 020UTR 040UTR F Series

Zomeworks Trackers
  Pole Size
Sch 40 Steel Pipe
Pole Height
Pole Depth
Ground Clearance
at 45° Tilt
Hole Diameter
Rack Dimensions
(as viewed from above)
Capacity (module area)
UTR-020 2.5" (3" OD) 76" 38" 36" 18"Ø 67" E-W
44" N-S
UTR-040 3 (3.5" OD) 84" 42" 23" 18"Ø 124" E-W
48" N-S
UTRF-072 6" (6⅝" OD) 96" 48" 26" 24"Ø 146" E-W
80" N-S
UTRF-090 6" (6⅝" OD) 108" 54" 21" 24"Ø 146" E-W
128" N-S
UTRF-120 6" (6⅝" OD) 120" 60" 24" 24"Ø 146" E-W
150" N-S
UTRF-168 8" (8⅝" OD) 144" 72" 33" 30"Ø 169" E-W
192" N-S

PLEASE NOTE: The total length of pipe needed can be found by adding lengths (B) and (C) from the chart.

Zomeworks UTRF-120 

Zomeworks UTRF-120

How to determine which Track Rack to order:

Open the "Track Rack Matrix" PDF file in the "Documents" section above. It contains a series of charts describing possible PV arrays you may have. Scroll down the column on the left to find the photovoltaic make and model you will use. Follow the row to the right until you find the box with the number of modules you plan to place on your tracker. Follow the column up to find the retail price and "Model Number" (UTR xxx) of the tracker you need.

Zomeworks UTRF-168

Zomeworks UTRF-168


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