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Wattsun Dual Axis Trackers

Wattsun Dual Axis Trackers
Wattsun Dual Axis Trackers
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Wattsun Active Solar Trackers Wattsun AZ-225

Dual-Axis, Active Solar Trackers

Get the most from your PV array by following the sun!

Wattsun Solar Trackers actively follow the sun across the sky with low speed motors or linear actuators guided by an electronic light sensor. This guarantees that the plane of your array is always perpendicular to the sun's rays, giving you the maximum power your modules can produce at all times. These highly efficient mechanisms consume minimal amounts of electricity, but the energy gained far outweighs the cost. Unlike passive trackers that depend on the delicate balance between the shifting weights of freon canisters, Wattsun's active trackers aren't affected by wind and cold. Passive trackers flop around so violently under turbulent conditions that shock absorbers are recommended to protect the PV array. In cold conditions, the freon in passive trackers has trouble reaching its boiling point, making the basic tracking function itself sluggish at best. Wattsun's actively driven trackers are rock solid in turbulent winds and remain firmly pointed at the sun in any temperature. While they function automatically, day in and day out, optional manual controls are available that can override the sun sensor, giving you control for maintenance operations or for laying the array flat in storm conditions.

Wattsun active trackers are environmentally-friendly and are guided by a patented, optical, sun-sensing device that dramatically outperforms passive tracking systems. Solid state electronic design and positive drive mechanisms insure consistent operation in extreme temperatures and windy conditions. Manufactured from the finest quality materials, Wattsun™ Trackers are easy to install, easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. Wattsun Trackers are manufactured in the USA.Dual Axis Drive

Wattsun offers dual axis azimuth trackers that can guide 2000 watt arrays along the sun's arc with a heavy duty worm gear motor. A Dual-Axis Tracker enables automatic tracking of the sun's elevation as well, allowing the array to completely capture all the power the sun delivers.

Wattsun Tracker frames are manufactured to hold the solar modules in a rectangular grid. A pair of vertical module rails will mount a group of modules in “landscape” format. The completed frame is made up of one to four pairs of module rails.

Your array and the tracker drive are connected by an aluminum mounting rack. There are essentially, two main parts to a Wattsun tracker, the tracker drive and the mounting rack. Wattsun's recommended tracker for your array can be found here in the Wattsun Tracker Price and Reference PDF file. Scroll down through the file until you find your solar array's brand (listed in alphabetical order). Then locate the model of the solar panels in your array (listed in wattage from low to high). This should lead you to a small table which lists possible array sizes by the number of modules in the array. When you've located your array, the table will tell you the manufacturer's suggested retail price, the tracker drive, the array's total wattage and a variety of other details and options.

For help sizing and ordering the perfect array for your application, contact our knowledgeable sales team at 877-878-4060. We'll put you on the right tracker, and before you run off, we recommend checking out the Mounting Post section below. You may also need some of the "Options" that are available for Wattsun trackers, like stainless steel fasteners, manual controls or voltage converters.

Please Note: The end user supplies the appropriate mounting pipe and engineered foundation.Wattsun AZ-225

Drive Model Drive Motor Description Manual Elevation Maximum Racked Watts
AZ-225 Large Azimuth Tracker: Gear Drive
(Approximately 225 Sq. Ft. Array Area)
5° to 75° 2040

Mounting Posts

Once you've chosen a tracker, you have to prepare a mounting post or two for it. Mounting posts are not included and must be purchased separately. These pipes are standard items that are readily available at local suppliers. The AZ-225 tracker mounts on 8" ID (8-5/8" OD) SCH40 Steel Pipe Mast.

Wattsun AZ-225

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Buyer Beware repairs ahead


The wattsun trackers are not reliable and repairs are a real hassle. I have had to return my controller and sensor for repair six times in the last three years. The service department is obnoxious and will argue with you when you complain about the frequency of repairs. This year the tracker stop...
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They are kind of a pain to install


I helped a buddy set up a bunch of the npg trackers and thought it was a breeze. They came with everything wired and numbered, did not even need the manual. Then when I bid a job installing the Watsun trackers I lost my shorts on all the little stuff that I thought was included. If you bid on a W...
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