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Your Solar Home Solarsheat Products

Your Solar Home Solarsheat Products

This solar heating system is uniquely designed as a kit - including Collector, PV Panel, and the Fan assembly duct kit. The modularity allows for serviceability of fan and sensor, without having to remove the collector from the wall or roof! This means that the PV panel can be placed anywhere on the outside wall or roof - wherever the sun shines the most!

Installation is fairly simple - just cut 2 modest holes into the home or office, mount the solar collector, install the duct, and mount the pv panel - and it's up and running. Ready to start saving on your heating bills ? Give us a call today.

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The Solarsheat G has a hardened glass glazing and boosts the temperature of the indoor air. The more it works the less your pre-existing, expensive heating fuel system has to run. Expect the unit to last 25 to 30 years +. One unit has the capacity to heat up to 750-1000 square feet of home space under the best conditions.

We offer a number of prepackaged systems to suit your unique application. Choose from single units, furnace retrofit kits, and multi-room systems.
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