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Environmental Solar Systems SunMate Wall Mount Package

Environmental Solar Systems SunMate Wall Mount Package
Environmental Solar Systems SunMate Wall Mount Package
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ENVSUNMATE Environmental Solar Systems SunMate Wall Mount Pkg
Dimensions: 4" x 35" x 77"

Please provide your technical salesperson with the following information when placing your order:
  • Is the house 2x4 or 2x6 construction? The vents are 11" standard length but can be cut to better fit the house.
  • Is the house new construction? Is the panel going to be mounted to the outside sheathing (plywood or boards)?
  • What type of siding does the house have?
  • Will the SunMate be mounted on top of the siding?

Untitled Document Environmental Solar Systems

Environmental Solar Systems
(Solar Air Heating Collector)
Wall Mount Package

Sunmate Solar Air Heater

Made in the U.S.A.!

The SunMate™ Solar Air Heating Collector is the ideal choice for homeowners that want an environmentally friendly, low-cost air heating option. The SunMate™ pulls cool air from your home, channels it through the absorber plate where it’s warmed by energy from the sun, then circulates it back into your home. A built-in thermostat automatically turns on the fan when the absorber plate reaches 110° F and shuts the fan off when the plate reaches 90°F. The SunMate has been tested by an accredited laboratory to be one of the most efficient, glazed, solar hot air panel certified by the SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation).

What sets the SunMate™ apart from other solar panels is the design. One-piece construction produces a streamlined appearance that doesn’t detract from your home’s appearance. Heavy-duty, stainless steel and aluminum components provide quality construction that assures long life and virtually no maintenance.

The SunMate by Environmental Solar System is efficient and affordable. A single panel heats up to 750 square feet. Double-sealed solar glass eliminates air infiltration and water leaks. Polyisocyanurate insulation results in extremely low heat loss and an 8.5 Watt fan operates for just pennies per day. You can run the SunMate completely without AC power by connecting the fan to a 20 Watt solar module!

The SunMate™ is installed vertically and mounted on the side of your home or building. The design accommodates 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” construction. Parallel installation allows you to integrate multiple panels for larger heating areas. SunMate now uses TiNOX, a highly selective absorber coating. A selective coating is the heart of all solar thermal collectors. TiNOX has high absorption (95%) and low emissivity (5%). TiNOX can convert 90% of all solar radiation into heat. TiNOX is also an environmentally friendly coating.

solar air heater

Package Includes:

  • 1 SunMate solar air heater
  • 1 Wall Mount Kit


  • Highest efficiency and extremely reliable
  • One-piece streamlined design for an architectural and aesthetically pleasing look
  • Ultra-clear, low-iron glass has excellent transmittance properties: – 91.5%
  • Heavy-duty frame, results in one of the strongest frames in the industry
  • Unique, high-performance absorber design adds one-third more surface area, which results in an uniform air-flow and increase of efficiency as compared to flat-plate absorbers
  • Heavy duty high temperature silicone seal
  • Moisture Guard™ (patent pending)

SunMate Installed on the Side of a Home.

Sunmate solar air heater

The View from Inside the House.

Sunmate Solar Air Heater

(A white transformer with a white wire is available for an additional cost. )

Tested by National Solar Test Facility

  • BTU 25.051 BTU / Day (single Collector)
  • DIMENSIONS 86 lbs. (Single Collector)
  • COLOR Dark Bronze
  • TYPE Solar Hot Air Collector
  • FRAME Extruded Aluminum
  • SEAL High Temperature Silicone +500 F.
  • ABSORBER Corrugated Aluminum


  • GLAZING Low Iron Tempered Glass
  • INSULATION Polyisocyanurate R 6.5
  • AIR FLOW RATE 80-640 CFM
  • CO2 REDUCTION .37 to 3 Tones per year
  • MOUNTING Wall or Roof
  • FAN PAN MOTOR AC or DC Ball Bearings
  • WARRANTY Collector Ten (10) years
  • Electronics One (1) year
  • MANUFACTURER Environmental Solar Systems, Inc.

solar air heater

SunMate solar panel wall mounting kit

  • SMOS-1 Bottom mounting bracket
  • SMOS-2 Top mounting bracket
  • SMOS-3 Top panel flashing
  • SMOS-4 Fan with air duct and finger guard
  • SMOS-5 Return air duct with finger guard and air filter
  • SMOS-6 Interior solar panel thermostat
  • SMOS-7 Interior wall thermostat
  • SMOS-8 Old work electrical work box
  • SMOS-9 120 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC 1 amp wall transformer
  • SMOS-10 - 5’ long thermostat wire
  • SMOS-11 Stainless steel screws and hardware

Thermostat Installation Instructions

In the fan tube you will find a blue wire nut. Remove that wire nut and separate the wires (two wires). The fan tube has a hole where you can pass the thermostat wire through to the inside of the tube. Connect the red and the white wire of the thermostat to those two wires and put the wire nuts back onto the wires. Note there is another wire nut provide in the kit. Using the same bay between the studs run the wire up the wall. Remove the front cover off the thermostat and you will see two terminals on the top of the thermostat that are marked W and RH. Connect the red and the white thermostat wires to those terminals. (Note) Poke a hole approximately 5 feet up the wall and run a snake down the wall; then attach the thermostat wire to the snake and pull the thermostat wire up the wall.

Environmental Solar Systems

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SunMate Solar Panel


When considering a solar panel, I strongly recommend evaluating how the sun hits your house in the winter months, when you will need your solar panel to work the most, not in the summer months, because I have found it to be very different. The southern most corner of my home stays completely sunn...
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SunMate Solar Heating


We have had two SunMate Solar Heating Panels installed on our home addition, November 2008. One is installed on our new master bedroom and the other on a family room. Together they are heating an area of over 900 square feet. To add perspective the rooms are well insulated with R26 or so in the w...
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