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Soladeck, a subsidiary of RSTC Enterprises, launched in 2007 as an outcropping of RSTC Enterprises extensive experience producing rooftop satellite mounting equipment. Soladeck manufactures roof-mounted combiner boxes and electrical enclosures that allow for pre-wiring of solar panels (most frequently for roof mounted solar arrays) prior to installation.

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As the desire to utilize solar energy grows, so does the need for a convenient, virtually unnoticeable enclosure to penetrate the roof deck. SolaDeck both houses and protects the solar PV wiring for a fast, easy, and safe photovoltaic wire installation.

Solar installers, electricians and contractors can install solar panel wiring with consistency, time savings, and confidence every time. Unlike other solar array wiring enclosures, SolaDeck incorporates a unique flashing that is a seamless part of the enclosure and prevents incorrect penetrations in the roof system.

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