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Bill Macallister

Smart Harvest 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Written January 28, 2017

High Quality Small Project MPPT Controller

Simple design, Easy to use. Great Mppt function for a faction of the cost and its a quality name brand. 12 &24 volt Auto select. Small compact design. Light weight. My 1st Mppt controller. Charged my 35amp Hour in 1 day from 65% to Full in bright sun. My other cheap pwm controllers struggle to do the same in 2-3 days. Using it to learn and test building solar in a small PV array. Has a direct load function for lights with jumper setting. My Cfls kicked on when the sun went down and the PV array dropped voltage. There is a jumper that allows for Battery type select from Lead Acid / Flooded. Out back customer support helped answer questions quickly in Email next day. Handles 150 watts PV solar in 12 volt mode and 300 watts PV solar in 24 volt mode. Panels and Battery voltage must match up in order for it to work. Recommend the thermal sensor wire on batteries in cold climates to help controller do more. Purchased a volt and amp meter and a project box to wire into system. Very happy with its performance meets and exceeds expectations for small PV array and off grid functionality. Has a sleep mode if input voltage is not met. Terminals on PV / Battery bus accept large wiring.
I believe in this Controller can use a communications device. Found conflicting info on user manual that says it does and then found info that says you can't use a communication device to adjust settings on the web site. Need to contact customer support to find out the deal there. If its true and you can use a communication device, this Controller is exceptional!

Pros: Great value, Quality Product, easy to use plug in and play, True MPPT function.
Cons: Communication device conflict. Contact customer support.

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