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Shurflo 9325-043-101 Submersible PumpWrite a review

Great pump by Jens Gropp
Date Added: March 27, 2021
Great pump lasts for years strong buy.
Shurflo Subpump 9300 series by Susan Bertotti
Date Added: July 18, 2008
We have just bought our second Shurflo as a backup. We are pumping from 64 meters and the total lift for this pump is 70 meters! The pump has been installed for 3.5 years and has not missed a beat! This is the most reliable pump we have ever used. Now that we have the backup pump, I would like to pull the first and do maintenance. We have repair kits, etc for the pump. We give thanks to the engineers at shurflo every morning.
Date Added: November 30, 2007
Great Pump, runs great.
I had a few problems during the installation but nothing serious.
AES might offer the wire required to complete the job as it is not a common item in the wholesales electrical supply houses and had to be special ordered.
A detailed diagram on the connection itself would have been helpful, the rubber fittings were difficult to assemble due to the diameter of the wire and the size of the rubber insulation fittings.
The choice of supply pipe could have mentioned pvc and alternative material.
In service for a few months and the pump works very well with absolutely no problems at all. I'm happy with the choice and operation. Thanks E.J.
Shurflo by Dustin Denkins
Date Added: November 06, 2008
I had some initial problems using traditional three wire well pump wire with this Shurflo. Took two tries, eventually using a lot of tape and waterproof grease to get the rubber sleeve sealed on the wire. The well is only 100 foot deep and the Shurflo works wonderfully. It lifts the water about 80 feet and pressurizes it to 35psi in a small pressure tank. Although it is not designed to pump into a pressure tank, this pump has been working wonderfully for over a year. According to my Trimetric, it draws about 3.5 amps from my 24V DC battery array.
Average by Rahoby Ra
Date Added: June 15, 2013
I bought a Shurflo 9300 pump in 2010, since then I had to replace the brush kit (after only a year of use) and recently the pump stopped working because of a problem with the valve.
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