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Connext 5548 XW+ by Walter Huyck
Date Added: June 10, 2020
I purchased this Inverter the Connext 5548 XW+ a couple years ago.

Note that this inverter is not good for an off grid application as the documentation implies.

A generator connected to the Inverter must have less than 3% THD to be recognized by this inverter, ruling out most portable inverters.

The Inverter when on battery power without a grid for reference will cause the lights in the residence to continuously fliker, and casues the UPS's on my PC and electronics to give warnings. It will not maintain a constant stable frequency without the grid reference. Schneider did send a replacement inverter on warrenty after much frustration with Tech Support but it has the same problem. It is a problem in the inverter design.

The Charger is vary limited in local control setting allowing only a one hour equalization charge on battery the local operator cannot change the equalization charge time. most battery banks of any size need more than a one hour equalization charge.

The CommBox does not connect to my local network or in any other way that I can find consistently.

Tech Support from Schneider Solar is via Email takes three or four weeks for a response and usually the responses are useless. Very frustrating.

I am an IBEW trained Electrician with a Masters License and many years of experience.

I purchased my system from AltE

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