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Schneider Electric, founded in 1836, is known for a long tradition of innovation (they have over 20,000 active patents or patents in application worldwide). Schneider offers a wide range of products and services, everything from electrical components to building automation products to solar energy products. Schneider Electric solar components are used in a variety of solar power applications from residential solar systems to micro-grid solar systems.

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Learn More About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leader in the digital energy management, energy automation energy and renewable energy industries. Their products and applications are active in residential homes, commercial buildings and utility scale applications around the world. Schneider is a globally integrated company with a presence is over 100 countries. Watch our videos on Schneider product and applications below to learn more about their product offerings at the altE Store.

Schneider Electric Conext XW+ and SW Solar Power Inverters

In this video we sit down with Eric from Schneider Electric to discuss two of their solar inverters—the Conext XW+ and Conext SW photovoltaic inverters. Both the Conext SW and Conext XW+ can be used in grid-tied solar systems.

The XW+ is designed to facilitate net metering—when you sell power back to the grid—and provide the ability to add battery backup for when the grid is not available. Click to watch and learn more what is right for your solar system needs.

Schneider's XANBUS Enabled Technology

Get to know the XANBUS communication protocol from Schneider Electric in this video with Eric from Schneider. The XANBUS system allows Schneider components to communicate with each other to maximize the efficiency of your solar electric system. Click now to learn about how the XANBUS system allows the Schneider family of products work together to help you meet your renewable energy goals.

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