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Date Added: August 20, 2018
Have been running my 24v system for over 2 years now problem free while building my off grid house. Simple connection following instructions. I purchased all DC, AC etc. boxes as suggested by Schneider and assembly was straight forward. Have been running FLA batteries while building but am about to change to Lithium when we move in soon. We run planers, table saws, window AC unit, lights, fridge constantly, etc. as needed. Plan to stack a second Schneider box in about a year to allow running of welders and air compressors in my shop.
Date Added: August 20, 2022
I purchased the Schneider SW4024 & Combox over 3 years ago as a whole house UPS (excluding HVAC, Range, Dryer, WH, etc). I live in a rural area in Florida with dense tree coverage that isn’t conducive to solar panels. Our electric grid has frequent brownouts and outages. With two 12v 100AH lead acid batteries, my house will run for 1 to 2 hours allowing sufficient time to start my portable gasoline generator, if necessary. I configured the SW4024 recharge rate at 25% to allow my 5KW generator to power the house without stalling. Fortunately, the outage switch over time is quick enough to prevent my computers and other electronics from glitching. I barely notice a flicker of the household lights. I removed all the small unreliable UPS after their batteries failed, since they were no longer needed. I am very happy with performance and reliability of the Schneider SW4024 as a UPS (even though it was never marketed with that functionality).
Date Added: April 03, 2017
Went to Arizona to help a friend to install his off grid system. Had a glitch from the beginning, no ac or DC breaker boxes. Not to bad were able to get them with the help of Jason in technical support at Schneider. However when installing the ac and DC boxes found a less than simple build. The ac wire connections are accessed from the side in between the DC box and the inverter. The DC negative bar is too close to the side of the box to tighten easily. Maybe someone with very small hands could have an easier time. AC connections should be accessed from the front and more hand room is needed in the DC box. Looking small and compact is only nice at the end of the install. I really like the support team they are very well verzed in every aspect of tech support.
Date Added: January 04, 2019
Tried calling Schneider Electric for Customer Support the recording points to a web form that will not Submit when completely filled in.

Really disappoint in Schneider Electric. Really sorry I bought one of their inverter/chargers a Conext XW+ purchased in June 2018 installed Oct 2018.

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