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Walter Huyck

Schneider Electric Conext ComBox Communication Device

Written June 10, 2020

Connext ComBox Connection Problems

I have had this Schneider Inverter 5548XW+ system with this Commbox for a few years and have had all kinds of problems all the time. This system consumes more time in issues and frustration than I can express here. Very frustrating.

The commbox has had all kinds of communication problems. It is a wired connection through the same wired system as my Mid Night Solar classic 150. The Classic connects every time the Commbox rarely connects.

I have factory rest it numerous times.
I have successfully completed the the firm ware upgrade
I have tried using Firefox, Chrome, and MS browsers to connect.

But still no connection. except on vary rare occasion.

Tech support from Schneider Solar is next to impossible for a home and system owner.

I installed my own system being an IBEW trained electrician and Electronics Technician.

Schneider Electric has been a trusted name for me as an Electrician for years but Scneider Solar Tech support is nonexistant Takes them long periods of time to respond via Email only and the responses are generally useless.

Paid a lot of money for these devices from AltE and they just dont work properly.

Call for more information 812-230-2001

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