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zachary bauer

Samlex America SA 600W 24V Heavy Duty Inverter

Written May 20, 2014

Samlex = Bad buy!

I have had it up to here with Samlex. I run an offgrid aquaponics system that uses 4 - 35watt pumps and 4 - 17watt pumps with a 35 watt air pump for the system.

Thats 243 watts total. When we first started the solar system was 12 volt. I went through 2 Samlex 12 volt 1000 watt pure sine inverters and both after a couple days of running started to trip the GFI. Support at Samlex were rude over the phone and said the wiring must be bad. BS as we had a certified electrician do the wiring and the GFI didnt trip at all the first few days.

So we switched over to a cheap walmart brand inverter with a GFI and it ran fine for the rest of the year. This year, we changed over the system to 24 volt. We purchased this 600 watt pure sine inverter and still with only 243 watts total on the system (checked with meter), the red light indicating load level comes on and it shuts down on days when it gets over 80 degrees. I called Samlex support and they assured me I must have more than 350 watts on the system. BS!

Im done with them! Stay away from Samlex. Everything runs perfect on my solar setup except products from these guys.

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