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James Corliss

Q CELLS Solar Panels

Written January 06, 2019

385W Duo panel install

Went live October 23rd 2018 using 15 panels on an adjustable tilt MT solar pole mount and the SB 6.0 inverter. Glad I bumped the inverter power up from the 5KW originally recommended as the array has maxed the inverter (6.1KW) on crystal clear days. With a clear dark blue sky the panels are putting out a little over 400W each within an hour of solar noon. So they are pretty efficient! In winter we have a little shading in the bottom corner of the array until about 10:30am and the shaded corner of the panel gets hot (200F on a 20F day). Adding Tigo optimizers did not help this as they try to make the shaded panel run at 26V until the corner shade is gone. Still a hot spot. So the panels may have life issues with diagonal shading but other than that they are working great.

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