Outback Radian GS4048A 4kW, 48V Inverter/Charger (UL1741-SA)- Puerto Rico

Outback Radian GS4048A 4kW, 48V Inverter/Charger (UL1741-SA)- Puerto Rico
Outback Radian GS4048A 4kW, 48V Inverter/Charger (UL1741-SA)- Puerto Rico

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Model: GS4048A-01 (GS4048A-01)
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PR-OUTGS4048A1 Outback GS4048A-01 48V 4000W Pure

Outback Power SystemsOutback Power
Radian Series Inverter/Chargers

NOTE: Those models with an -01 at the end are listed to UL1741-SA.
Includes: Inverter, mounting bracket, remote temperature sensor, hardware kit and manual.

Radian Series InverterThe new Outback Radian A series Inverter/Charger inherits the hallmark features of the original design including: Dual AC inputs for grid/generator flexibility; unparalleled surge capability and operational stability; easy field upgradeability and stacking capability for large systems; easy-to-use configuration wizard; and multi-mode operational flexibility.

In addition, both models have a new Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile option to support leading edge technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others. Both incorporate Outback's GridZero technology - a superior level of intelligence in energy management for self-generation and self-consumption programs, providing precise balance between using stored energy, and solar and utility power, to overcome surges and load spikes when needed. GridZero makes it possible for a smaller inverter/battery system to perform like a much larger one, when required. In addition, the new Radians are ideal for use in complex utility environments such as California and Hawaii.


  • NEW Frequency shifting AC coupling* is done through a simple firmware update.  See Application Note in DOCUMENTS tab
  • Grid-Interactive and Stand alone capability in the same package
  • GridZero Technology optimizes the balance between stored and renewable energy sources - minimizing grid dependence and allowing users to get the most out of their investment - SEE VIDEO ABOVE
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) supports leading edge technologies including lithium-ion
  • 8000W and 4000W of continuous power in the two models
  • Simplified stacking design for flexibility to upgrade to a 12kW system
  • Field adjustable input/output voltage and frequency boundaries
  • Unsurpassed surge capacity
  • 120/240V Split-Phase Voltage
  • Dual AC inputs

  • *What is AC Coupling?
    AC coupling’s primary application is to allow for the addition of battery backup to an existing grid tied system. This is done through the OutBack Radian providing the AC source to which the Grid-Tied inverters would use to produce power, as a sort of ‘Grid-Simulator’. This feature is further enhanced with some Grid-Tied inverter, like SMA, to alter their power output through an active means of frequency shifting. As the battery’s voltage rises to the Absorb voltage, the Radian would change its frequency to a higher number, thus reducing the output from the Grid-Tied inverters. A nearly perfect charge can be obtained through this type of frequency shifting. If the Grid-Tied inverter cannot curtail its output through frequency shifting, the Radian will simply continue to raise its frequency until the Grid-Tied inverter ‘disqualifies the source’ and the Radian continues to provide power to the loads the customer would like to have backed up.


    Outback Radian Specsheet

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