Portable Power Systems

Portable Power Systems

Solar Battery Backup

Whether you are looking to take some power and light with you to a remote location, or provide a simple emergency battery backup for your home, we've got solutions for you. Small back-up power systems like these can provide power for a short time for small appliances, lights, fans, and cell phones, in the event of a power outage. A basic backup power system must have at least a deep cycle battery and an inverter if you plan to run a regular AC product.

Have solar backup power questions? Give an altE solar expert a call today at 877-878-4060 and we'll help you choose the right solar backup system for you.

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Product Name  Price
  Xantrex XPower Powerpack 1500 - Portable Backup Powerpack     Xantrex XPower Powerpack 1500 - Portable Backup Powerpack   Xantrex Powerpack 1500 XANBU-1500 Xantrex XPower Powerpack 1500 - Portable Backup Powerpack 4.0 3 $530.55
  SimpliPhi ExprESS 7.6kWh Mobile Power Unit     SimpliPhi ExprESS 7.6kWh Mobile Power Unit   SimpliPhi Power ExprESS 2 x 3.8 SIMEXPRESS48V SimpliPhi ExprESS 7.6kWh Mobile Power Unit $13,395.00
  SimpliPhi ExprESS 5.8kWh Mobile Power Unit     SimpliPhi ExprESS 5.8kWh Mobile Power Unit   SimpliPhi Power ExprESS 2 x 2.9 SIMEXPRESS24V SimpliPhi ExprESS 5.8kWh Mobile Power Unit $11,295.00
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Portable Lighting Systems

The lighting kits we offer provide a complete solution to easily add lights and provide USB charging for phones and tablets. The kits include a solar panel, charge controller, lithium battery, and lights. Plug and play makes it easy to bring with you and install anywhere you need lighting or for your light power needs.

Phocos LS Portable Energy Kits

Check out our video on the Phocos LS series of portable energy kits. These kits are great for when the power is out or for camping or whenever you need a mobile power source. Watch to learn about the different models and their features.

Small Backup Power Systems

The Xantrex PowerPack and PowerHub units contain both a battery and an inverter to provide AC power to backup important loads. For a complete system, which also allows you to independently charge the battery, you may want to have your own a charging source like a solar panel and solar charge controller. A battery based system powered by solar power is a much quieter alternative to a noisy generator.

Ideally you can charge the battery with the solar panel during the day, and then plug appliances directly into the inverter or into a cigarette lighter adapter from the inverter. Alternatively, they can be connected to the grid to keep charged up and ready to go. During a power failure, it will automatically switch your loads over to the internal battery and inverter, providing seamless backup.

Solar Backup System Size

Approximate sizes Battery backup systems can be portable and relatively light weight (20 - 60 pounds), like the Xantrex Power Packs. Small lightweight solar panels can be added as a charging source. A 150 watt 12V solar panel may be able to recharge the battery in a day. A smaller solar panel will typically take about 3 to 7 days to fully charge the battery in the Xantrex Power Pack and PowerHub.

These lightweight options are ideal to keep cell phones charged and operate lights and other communications equipment in case of emergency. They may also run your laptop, routers and other small computer necessities for several hours during power outages or out in the field.

Larger Backup Power Systems

If you are looking to construct a more permanent set up to provide power for larger loads or for longer time periods, you will need a larger battery bank. The products in this category will not support any large loads like refrigerators or heaters for any length of time.

For an emergency power back up system for the home, please contact an altE representative who can recommend an appropriate sized battery bank and charging method. Start by using our load calculator to help estimate your usage in watt hours per day. Accurate recommendations can be based on the number of watt hours per day you will need and how many days of backup power you want. Take a look at some of our off-grid cabin solar power systems ($2-$5K) to get an idea of the components that are included in a backup system.

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