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Michael Riewer

Outback Flexmax 80 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Written March 22, 2011

Worth every penny

I just recently installed one of these units at my off grid cabin in Eastern Washington. I had previously been using a Xantrex C40 and after two years my batteries were toast - as I was unaware of the downfalls of a PWM controller and it had allowed them to steadily drop to a useless voltage. Over the winter I refreshed the batteries and installed the Outback FM80 just last weekend. 10minutes after flipping the combiner box breaker and running through the setup the FM80 was online and doing its job. I immediately saw my array providing double the amperage I am used to seeing at a full 17.7 volts, which was then converted down to a proper 13.6 MPPT Bulk battery voltage and the amperage was increased even further! I saw more output on a cloudy day than I had ever seen with the C40 on the sunniest of times, even when the batteries were brand new. Throughout my weekend with the FM80 I watched it do its magic, and could not be happier with the results so far. Its ability to harvest the most out of your solar array is priceless and worth every penny it costs...

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