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A great controller by Gary Johnson
Date Added: December 28, 2006
I bought the Tristar-45 and the digital display for use with a 3 Amp panel, thinking that I may upgrade the panel in the future. It works great with the relatively low current, and allows my battery to run a small fan 24/7 (for a composting toilet). During the summer I have plenty of extra capacity for lighting or extra fans. It has already produced more than 2KWH for me.

Since it has a digital I/O port, I wrote a computer program to monitor the Tristar over several months to get a better feel for the insolation at my installation. This has allowed me to assess my panel upgrade needs.

The Tristar-45 is very well built, and seems like it will continue to silently charge my battery for many years to come. I would definitely buy this controller again.

Location: NW FL, USA
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